Chambers is king for a weekend

It was sort of a mixed blessing that Craig Chambers took his official visit to Washington this weekend, but for the 6-5, 200-pound receiver from Mill Creek (Wash.) Jackson, it was all good in the end. Chambers re-confirmed his commitment to the Huskies and had a fun weekend to boot.

"It was a good thing, and it wasn't," he said when asked about being the only recruit visiting UW this weekend. "It was nice being the only one around, but it kind of sucked too because Coach Neuheisel already had plans and I caught him a little by surprise this weekend. But all the other coaches were there, like Coach Kennedy and Gilbertson. I talked to Coach Gilbertson a lot." Craig went on the visit with his Mother, Sue.

Craig relayed an amusing Gilby anecdote. "We went to 13 Coins for breakfast yesterday and I don't think they recognized Coach Gilbertson," Chambers said. "Well, I like to have something sweet for breakfast, like pancakes or french toast, and when we asked if they had anything they said no. Coach Gilbertson asked if they could whip something up and they said they couldn't. He looked pretty pissed. He said he was going to talk to the manager but I don't know if he did. We ended up at Mom's instead and that was really good. I didn't mind at all."

Chambers' host was Jordan Slye. "It was cool hanging out with him," Craig said. "It was kind of like a documentary. I just followed them around for a day, asking them questions. I could ask them my questions, which was nice. I just mostly hung out with Jordan. I did see Isaiah Stanback at the basketball game and Reggie (Williams) too. We watched Nate (Robinson) play. He's a good basketball player."

So what was the biggest thing he learned on his visit? "I found out just how much they need a receiver to come in and play right away," Craig said. "They kept telling me to be ready."

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