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The Washington Huskies look for their first victory in over a year, coming off of an 0-12 campaign. They face the LSU Tigers, who are coming of a less than stellar 8-5 season of their own. Here is what the Dawgman.com staff feel will go down Saturday night.

Aaron Beach – Basketball Columnist: There was a time, not so long ago, when an lines-makers in Vegas would have to add 7 points to the opponent's line just to come in and compete in front of 70,000 frothing fanatical Husky fans in the rains of early September. Husky Stadium was simply a scary place to play. It is incomprehensible to me to imagine a Husky team with a new culture and new coach that are 17 point underdogs to a team that went 8-5 last year...AT HOME! I would and should be literally betting the house that they stay within that line. Not coincidentally, it is supposed to rain Saturday night, and if it does and stays in the 50's all night, I am 100% positive that the Dawgs beat the betting line. The better question is: "Do they beat the team lining up across from them"? Short answer: No. The Dawgs will keep it close but will simply not have the firepower to sustain a running game and win the battles in the trenches for 4 full quarters.

Prediction: LSU 34 - Dawgs 24

Patrick Thrapp – Numbers guy: First off I love the change in the program's attitude Sark has brought to this team. I feel strongly that we will be a better team this year. Now whether that translates into wins is of course is a different story. Still I am pumped about what I will see on the field. That said, this first game will be a toughie. I do though feel confident we will beat the 18 point spread. I even bet a coffee with a couple of workmates. Something I would not have done last year. I believe in the coaches when they say we will be more competitive than in the past. YEAH! So let's send LSU home wondering just how good they are. I would love nothing better than to hear Les Miles have to praise the effort of one of the perceived worst teams in the Pac.

Prediction: LSU 35 – UW 24

Jay Torrell – Scout.com: Sarkisian has won a major victory by winning over fans and recruits with his enthusiasm before this game is even played as we officially see the "man whose name I will not speak" era in the rear view mirror. The pure energy he has instilled into this program makes almost any outcome (for this game only) palatable. That being said....the dream scenario sees an overconfident Tiger club sleepwalk through the first-half with a frenzied Husky Stadium willing the Huskies into a half-time lead. Locker becomes the Locker we've all dreamed of as he keeps the Tigers defense off-balance with a mix of high-percentage passes and maddening 3rd down scrambles for first down. The defense keeps the young LSU QB on his heels just enough to limit their passing attack while containing the run enough to keep them out of the end-zone. At least one big special teams play is the difference in a stunning upset for the ages as Husky football vaults itself back into the college football conversation....the more realistic scenario sees the energy of a new Husky regime make this a game until late in the 3rd quarter when the Tigers depth and athleticism take over. The Dawgs will pull off at least one major upset this year (LSU, USC, Notre Dame, Oregon), just not this Saturday.

Prediction: LSU 27 - Washington 17

Scott Eklund – Recruiting Analyst/Columnist: It's finally here. After four years of "doom and gloom" the Huskies are headed back in the right direction or at least they appear headed that way under Steve Sarkisian. The problem? They kick off the new era of Husky football with a game against a perennial top 10 program in LSU, who is loaded with speed and talent. Washington's offensive line is a huge concern and the secondary is still an unknown and they will be facing two strengths (the D-Line and Receiver corps) of LSU's squad. Hopefully the Huskies can figure out a way to keep things close for a while and negate the speed of players like Brandon LaFell, Keiland Williams and Charles Scott. If they can stay close into the fourth quarter, Dawg fans have to feel pretty good about where the team is headed. I see LSU pulling away at that point though...

Prediction: LSU 36 - Washington 17

Chris Fetters – Editor-In-Chief: I'm expecting much of the same game Washington played in 2007 when they hosted Ohio State. It will be an electric atmosphere, to be sure, and that will help the Huskies keep their footing early. But LSU should be able to eventually exploit their numbers and talent on both lines, most likely in the second half.

Prediction: LSU 35 – Washington 17

David Samek – Dawgman: After watching practice, I am VERY glad that they rotated the offensive line. Drew Schaefer was going to get manhandled. That is not saying Ben Ossai won't, but at least he has experience on his side. I hope these guys can protect Jake a little bit and give him time to throw. I like Chris Polk and Johri Fogerson in the backfield a lot. That is a good one-two punch. They are gonna need to move the ball a little bit just to take some time off of the clock. If it turns into a track meet, Washington doesn't have the horses or speed to keep up. But if they can keep LSU off the field and maybe fluster them a bit, the UW crowd will get into the game and then it becomes a bit more interesting. I am betting this game is more competitive than pundits predict, and that the UW will cover. However, they won't be able to keep LSU out of the end zone often enough.

Prediction: LSU 31 – Washington 23

Kim Grinolds – Business Operations: It's finally here and it's finally time. The players, the fans,boosters, the media , and everybody else can put the disaster of the past few years behind them. Not only do the players have a clean slate from their past actions, but so do all of you. I expect Husky Stadium to be electric. I expect this game to be quite a bit like the 2007 Ohio state game. Washington will stay close through the half and LSU will pull away midway through the third quarter and the benches will empty midway through the 4th. Enthusiasm can only take you so far. UW just doesn't have the horses to hang with a top 10 team…………yet.

Prediction: LSU 42 - UW 17

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