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Washington Husky football players haven't tasted a victory in the past 22 months, but while they were disappointed with the loss to LSU, the progress they've made wasn't lost on them. Read on to get their thoughts on Saturday night's 31-23 loss to LSU and where their focus is as they prepare for Idaho next week...

LB Mason Foster

On the loss: "A loss is a loss. I felt like we had them, but we just have to keep getting better each week and come out roaring next week and just keep getting better every day, work on our mistakes, watch film and we'll keep getting better."

On LSU: "They're a great team with great coaching. Big plays, tit-for-tat and big plays like that and they just put it out in the end."

On the teams energy and mindset: "From the hotel until now, everybody played with a lot of confidence. I thought we should have won, but a loss is a loss and I felt like we improved. We're getting there, but it takes a while to change things. We're just going to keep working harder."

On the team playing harder: "We practiced hard, so the games will be easier, so we're used to the speed. The first drive was about getting back in the groove of playing football and everybody knows their assignments, so it was all about going and hitting and swarming."

QB Jake Locker

On the team being close: "I think we're really close. It's just a matter of being a little more disciplined, take care of the football and I think the sky's the limit for this football team."

On throwing the ball as many times as he did: "Like I've always said, I'll do what I need to within the gameplan and whatever the coaches thinks gives us the best opportunity to have success, then I'm on board with it. I thought we were able to move the ball pretty well, we did well on third downs throwing the ball."

On the offensive line: "They gave us time. They were really stout in protection up the middle and the guys up the field on the outsides gave me a nice pocket to step up and throw the ball. Sometimes when people get into exotic fronts and bring all kinds of pressures you might not be familiar with, they did a great job up front, I thought, all night of controlling the line of scrimmage."

On the interception: "I thought the middle linebacker was going to come on a blitz and they just brought the SAM (strongside linebacker); pushed out on number two (receiver) and I didn't carry my eyes outside, so I just need to be a little better in my progression on that play."

On how much fun it was to play again: "It was great to be back out there. It's a sport I love playing. I've loved it ever since I first played it. Just the nature of it, it's a "high" because you're in a different world out there and it's great, so it was awesome to be out there with the guys. I thought our fans were great tonight. They really stood behind us and made it difficult for (LSU) at times, so it was a great atmosphere tonight and hopefully we keep getting crowds and creating the same atmosphere."

On the first drive: "I think that was good for us just from a confidence standpoint. We marched the ball down the field, we had some big plays, had some young guys step up and make big plays and I thought that was one of the important things for us was to start fast and we did."

LB E.J. Savannah

On the team intensity: "We were running and hitting everything we saw. I think we were running and hitting and we were physical and that made me happy."

On the locker room at halftime: "We expected to win. That's our motto this year and that's what we're trying to do all season. Our coaches instill that in us every day. That's all we do every day is ‘Expect to Win'.

DE Kalani Aldrich

On what it felt like to be out there: "It felt good. We were flying around, our defense moved fast, we just have to pick a couple things up and get it going."

On LSU's speed and UW's reaction: "Game speed is a lot different. LSU is a fast team but I think we played fast tonight. We flew around, we just have to be better than that."

On the mood in the locker room after the game: "There's no such thing as a moral victory but we felt like we came out and we hit them, we felt like we played hard. Again, moral victories don't really comfort us, we're all about winning, but I felt like we played good and we played hard."

CB Quintin Richardson

On Chris Tolliver's big plays: "He's a good receiver, he proved it tonight. We didn't execute fully but you take advantage of it and he made some plays."

On the difference in intensity in the defense this year: "There's a hundred percent times better defense this year. We stuck with our motto, we're not just the team from last year and I feel like we proved it tonight. I feel like we showed a lot of people that we're a team to be reckoned with now."

On going into the 4th quarter: "We came in there and I feel like we never lost the competition until the double zero at the end of the fourth quarter. We felt like we were just going keep pushing this train."

On whether there were any surprises this game: "No I wasn't surprised. I expected everything that we were supposed to do. I didn't expect a loss but we left it all on the field and that's what we've been talking about."

On giving advice to the young guys on the field: "I just talk to them, just let them know that I had a tough time last year. Just gotta coach them through it and make sure they keep their heads up and push strong through the season. We got a lot more games to play, got to make sure they stay focused and just keep getting better."

**Special thanks to Molly Waldron for helping transcribe these interviews. Top Stories