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Washington vs. Idaho – Saturday 9/12 Husky Stadium, Seattle WA. Could this be the weekend that ends the losing streak for the Washington Huskies? They attempt to end a long winless drought when the Idaho Vandals come for a visit to Seattle. Here is what the Dawgman.com Staff feels will happen Saturday afternoon.

Aaron Beach – Basketball columnist - Could the Dawgs, losers of 15 straight, overlook any opponent at this point as eyes focus on the highly publicized "grudge match" with USC that will occur the Saturday following? My gut says no, but give Idaho some credit for winning quite handily on the road to open their season. Nick Holt showed what he could do with one of last year's worst defenses in America, allowing only 24 points and creating pressure on the QB. The maturation of our young defense is clear, and my sense is that Idaho will receive the brunt of dozens of creatively crafted blitzes. Look for the Dawgs defense to hold Idaho to 14 points or less, Locker to throw for 250 + yards again, and the Husky receivers to create havoc in their 5 WR sets. Bring on the Trojans!!!!!

Prediction: Huskies 42 - Vandals 14

Scott Eklund – Recruiting Analyst - The Huskies looked much better than many (including me) thought they would, but they absolutely cannot let up this week. I know that sounds silly seeing as they are going on 15-straight losses, but this team cannot barely beat Idaho. They need to manhandle them, from the opening kickoff until the end of the game. Jake Locker, Chris Polk, Jermaine Kearse, Kavario Middleton, James Johnson, Cameron Elisara, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, Nate Williams, E.J. Savannah, et al need to have big games and prove to everyone last week wasn't a fluke. Win big this week and you never know what can happen when USC comes a calling next week...

Prediction: UW 45 - Idaho 13

Derek Johnson – published author - Steve Sarkisian expressed surprise at the euphoria sweeping over him from the fan base following the loss to LSU. Husky Nation went through hell last year, and that's reflected in its over-reaction to last Saturday's game. We have been dying for some semblance of good old-fashioned Husky football. While the LSU game provided many glimpses of hope, it was also a sloppy performance featuring mistakes that sabotaged what should have been a Washington win. I also came away feeling that if the mobile Jake Locker hadn't been out there, a regular QB would have been sacked six times from the LSU pass rush. If the Huskies are on the right track, they need to come out and clown stomp Idaho. If they don't cover the spread, it will be a warning sign. I'm banking that they will cover.

Prediction: Washington 48 - Idaho 23

Pat Thrapp – numbers guy - The last time I felt somewhat good after a loss was the 1997 Nebraska game. I was pleasantly surprised when we marched right down the field on our first possession to score. DAMN that was good to see. Now Idaho comes to town. I pretty sure we will beat these guys. Though I don't think it will be by 21 as the bettors currently think. If we move the ball like we did last week. We should have another big day on offense. I doubt Idaho will have as good a defense as LSU had. That said. Idaho had a good game also last week. So I see them scoring some to. Just not enough.

Prediction: Washington 35 - Idaho 20

Dave Samek – Dawgman - I LOVED what I saw last Saturday. Washington finally has a play caller on offense. Sarkisian called an outstanding game on offense from the sidelines. In many ways the play calling reminded me of Gilby back in the early 1990s. Nussmeier may be the OC but Sark called that gem on Saturday. I love the aggressiveness of Holt's defense as well. The line looked good, the linebackers fly all over the place. It was nice to see a linebacking corps not doing that crappy read and react stuff they had been doing under Tormey. The secondary has a ways to go, but they will get there. This staff will address that. You saw it with the movement of personnel already. On Saturday, Sarkisian will get his first win as a head coach, and it will be sweet. It will be closer than many think, but it will still wind up as a Husky win. Jake throws for two TDs and runs for another. Polk has a rushing TD as well, and I'm betting EJ Savannah has a pick for a score.

Prediction: UW 31 – Idaho 21

Jay Torrell – Executive Editor, Scout Publications - First off I want to say "MAN THAT WAS FUN!" Fired up Husky Stadium, huge tailgate, new uniforms, national TV, inspired coaching, passionate football team and a close game against a marquee opponent…almost forgot how much I missed REAL Husky football. With that being said, onto Idaho. Washington will win the game but it won't be easy. The Huskies have too many lessons to learn to dominate from start to finish what will surely be a fired up Idaho squad with nothing to lose. I expect Locker to run more in the first half than he did against LSU to help keep the linebackers honest and open up some more downfield throws. The playbook will be pretty limited as Sark does his best to keep it simple and save some surprises for the Trojans. I can see the Huskies losing some focus in the second half as their mind wanders to SC thus allowing Idaho to get some points on the board late. It's going to be a glorious 80-degree day for Husky football, let's come out of the game healthy and with a win. Go Dawgs!

Prediction: Washington 35 - Idaho 17

Molly Waldron – Dawgman.com intern - Idaho will come out hoping to extend Washington's losing streak in a possible first-ever victory at Husky Stadium- their road trip isn't a long one so their energy level and confidence should be high coming off a win. The Vandals have proven they can score, but as long as the Dawgs stay focused and execute in the red zone they should have no problem coming out with the W.

Prediction: Washington 38 – Idaho 17

Chris Fetters – Editor in Chief - This is the perfect bounce-back game for the Huskies, who are desperately looking to shed a 15-game losing streak, as well as the memory of the coach that put them there. Idaho comes in confident, with their first road win since 2006, so while nationally this is going to come off as the Battle of Who Could Care Less, the Washington coaches are going to do their best to make sure the Vandals are the team that helps remove the 800-pound gorilla. I expect UI to score, just as LSU scored - but Idaho doesn't have the manpower to stay with a Washington attack that appears ready to really jump out of the box and put up some ridiculous numbers.

Prediction: Washington 45 – Idaho 21

Kim Grinolds – Business Operations - After the much anticipated LSU game, it sure looks like we can anticipate a letdown………….by the fans, not the team. I don't expect the stadium to be electric like it was against LSU, but it'll be back with USC. Expect the Dawgs to put the pedal to the metal and not let up.

Prediction: UW 49 - Idaho 13

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