Player Quotes - Idaho

Getting the specter of the worst losing streak in Washington's history off of their back was the primary focus of the players following their 42-23 win over Idaho, but that wasn't the only thing they were thinking about. Read on to find out more...

WR Jermaine Kearse

On getting that first win: "It feels good. It's been too long since we won a football game. Everyone's excited. There are a lot of smiles in the locker room right now."

On the confidence of the team: "We came out with a lot of energy and we wanted to get after them really quickly. We were confident in what we could do with the ball, we just had to go out and execute and that's what we did."

On Jake Locker and how he's throwing the ball: "Jake's a lot different right now. He's throwing it well and we're getting open for him. He's showing a lot of confidence in how he's throwing it and it's made a huge difference."

Chris Polk

On scoring the first touchdown: "I was ecstatic, I didn't really know how to celebrate…I didn't know what to do, I just reacted. It was a good play for us.

On USC next week: "I'm going to watch their game tonight. I'm not going to really go out tonight I'm just going to watch the game because I know they're going to come here and they're going to bring it, it's going to be a war so I feel like we've got some proving to do. They're going to be looking for me a little bit so I've got to have a good week."

On who poured the Gatorade on Coach Sark: "I have no clue. I wish it was me but I was on the other side because I had three teammates that I played with in high school that play for Idaho so I was really excited to go see them. I didn't really see the Gatorade get dumped."

On how he can improve: "I can just work on my open field…just have an overall better week of practices."

RB Johri Fogerson

On what he thought when he saw the open field in front of him: "I was thinking touchdown the whole time."

On how it feels to get the first win:"It feels great. Everybody loves to win. That's what we're here for. We're here to win. The nine months we did of doing work after going 0-12, especially for the older guys, it almost brought tears to their eyes just out of joy. Just seeing that makes you want to win more. Everybody loves to win. I love this feeling but after having this feeling I never want to go back to how it used to be. It feels good to get this win and get over the hump."

On congratulating Coach Sarkisian:"He's come in and just really demanded a lot of himself and in return he demanded a lot of us. Just the mutual respect we have between us- not only is he like our friend he's like a father figure to the team. He really takes us under his wings and teaches us the right way to do things so it's nice to have a little fun after a while.

QB Jake Locker

On the team's improvement since last week: "I thought mentally we didn't make the mistakes we did last week…we took care of the ball really well on offense…our emphasis on making sure we held on to the ball was there. Obviously we'll be able to look at the film and see what we can fix up and clean up and work with. Overall I think we executed well and think we gave ourselves a chance to have success."

On the "24 hours (to celebrate the win) rule": "We'll play it by ear. I'm going to the Seahawks game tomorrow, so that should be fun."

On the atmosphere in the locker room after the game: "It's new but it's great. We got some bumps and bruises on the field…the atmosphere's totally different and it's fun to be in there. Its exciting to have the rest of the day to relax and hang out."

CB Quinton Richardson

On the outcome of the game: "I think we did a hell of a job. We surprised them, we did our job, he loved it. He's a great coach so he deserved it. He got us ready all week and we fared well and succeeded."

On the second half: "The coach told us at halftime, ‘it's still 0-0, so go out and keep playing like it's the beginning of the game'…we just had to keep playing our game and luckily we had Coach Holt who kept calling perfect plays so we did our part and executed and succeeded from there."

On the confusion on how to celebrate a win: "It's a long time feeling that's been waiting so we kind of didn't know what to do. We poured water on the coach, I went and jumped in the crowd, it's just happy so now we just have to humble ourselves and get ready for next week."

On how good it felt to finally get a win: "It feels great. It's unexplainable."

On how quickly he'll refocus to USC: "Right now. It starts now. It's great to have a win but you got to keep it going for next week. It's a good feeling, so you just have to get used to the feeling and keep going as weeks come."

LB E.J. Savannah

On Idaho: "I think they saw the LSU film and thought we were stopping the run pretty well…we had to prepare for it. They got a few yards on us in that aspect but it's okay."

On the feeling in the locker room after the game: "It felt good, I wasn't here for last year so I wasn't here for all the losing but it definitely feels good to win."

On the defense: "I think we showed some defensive character in our players and our playmakers."

On the "24 hours (of celebrating the win) rule": "I'm thinking about USC right now. We got a win but we expected this one so now we have to get ready for the grind and for practice this next week and go hard for USC."

WR D'Andre Goodwin

On the big play with Locker: "I just kept my route on, I knew what type of guy he was, that he can make people miss back there, I just continued my route and he found me."

On how good can the offense can be with all the weapons: "We can be a very good offense, especially with the game plans Coach Sark and the rest of the staff put together for us and the hard work we put in. we can be great."

On the feeling of winning: "It's a good feeling…Coach Sark got here nine months ago, and when you put in that much work and you get a victory, you smile. It feels good."

DE Daniel Te's-Nesheim

On the Huskies breaking the losing streak: "A couple of us older guys were like ‘what should we do when the clock runs out?' ‘Should we go shake hands first should we go sing the song?' It was kind of funny. It feels awesome to win a game."

On the play of the defensive line: "The defenses that we're running are great, but we need to do a better job of getting off the blocks and making more plays. Idaho did a good job of moving the ball."

On how well the Huskies moved the ball on offense: "Our offense is awesome. I love watching them. We're pretty solid on third downs. It's been great to see. (The defense) can relax and drink Gatorade. I love watching those guys. We should be able to get more done with the way they're playing too."

OL Mykenna Ikehara

On the feeling of a winning locker room: "I'm not sure how to describe this right now. It's a big change from last week and last year, that's for sure."

On how the coaching staff has made a difference: "From our point of view, the new staff has made a huge difference. They have us believing that we can win each time out." Top Stories