Students Celebrate UW's First Win Since 2007

Following a long-awaited Washington football victory Saturday, players were at odds over how to celebrate, creating a chaotic scene of proud cheers and a collective sigh that the season's record is guaranteed to look better than last year's.

"We kind of didn't know what to do," said cornerback Quinton Richardson. "We poured water on the coach, I went and jumped in the crowd, we're just happy."

"A couple of us older guys were like ‘what should we do when the clock runs out? Should we go shake hands first should we go sing the song?'" said defensive end Daniel Te'o Nesheim. "It was kind of funny. It feels awesome to win a game."

Players weren't alone in their confusion, or in their relief. Washington students felt a similar thrill, that as fans they won't have to repeat the disheartening year of rooting for a winless football team.

Senior Mike McMillan witnessed each of the Huskies' 15 straight losses and reveled in the boisterous excitement following Saturday's victory.

"There was lots of cheering and we all ran to Lake Washington and jumped in," McMillan said. "There were a ton of people down there jumping in. It felt good to see a win after a year and a half without a single one.

"It's been a very long time," he continued. "It felt good to finally be the team that can beat up on someone instead of it being the other way around."

While older students could recall distant memories of Husky victories in years past, younger UW students celebrated witnessing their first-ever Husky win in person.

"It felt really good to be a part of something that I know everyone has been waiting for for a long time," freshman Erin Tsutsumoto said. "To experience it as a freshman really got me excited for the next four years."

Tsutsumoto celebrated the victory much like some of the players, unfamiliar with the protocol for how to celebrate a win. "I attempted to sing the fight song even though I don't really know it yet," she said. "Other than that I just shared in everybody's happiness."

Despite some overall confusion, the fans' elation mirrored the thrill the players felt after the game.

"It's new but it's great," quarterback Jake Locker said of the feeling in the locker room. "The atmosphere's totally different and it's fun to be in there."

"It's exciting, the kids deserve it, and hopefully it's the first of many wins," Head Coach Steve Sarkisian said in his postgame press conference.

The players and coaching staff have made it a goal to get used to success on the field as the season continues, and the fans look forward to celebrating more Husky victories in 2009 and beyond.

"Starting at UW last year, I couldn't have imagined we'd go winless," transfer senior Michael Hilburn said. "UW's performance so far this season has really shown we're headed in the right direction and just might surprise a team or two.

"After last season this win really shows everyone we have a team on the field that can put the pieces together and go out and get a W," he continued. "That confidence in your team makes every game that much more exciting and the fans that much more into it. It's huge." Top Stories