Riley eyeing possible visit to UW

One of the top athletes on the west coast continues to have his eye on the Washington Huskies and this weekend, St. Francis (La Canada, Ca.) ATH Dietrich Riley could be in Seattle to watch the Dawgs take on the USC Trojans while he takes an unofficial visit.

"I really wanted to get up there before the season and then I wanted to check them out when LSU was there, but it just didn't happen," Riley told "This weekend, I'd really like to get up there for that game against USC. The crowd should be really into it and with the history between the coaches and connections they have to each other, it should be a great game.

"The problem is, I'm in my season now, so it's not as easy to make it up there. I'm going to talk with my family and my coach about things. I don't want to miss any team-related stuff, so it's just a matter of if I can get a flight in and out where it doesn't mess with my schedule."

Even though he didn't make it north for Washington's game vs. LSU, he did take it in with some friends.

"We watched the game and it looked like it was nuts up there," Riley said. "The way the camera was shaking when the crowd was cheering, I had never seen something like that before. It gave me chills thinking about playing up there in front of a crowd like that.

"The game was great. Washington almost won. They just made a few mistakes here and there and it cost them, but they played hard and I think they are going to get some wins this year. I know the coaches think they are."

Speaking of the Washington coaches, Riley said he speaks with Husky corners coach Demetrice Martin on a regular basis.

"We talk all the time," Riley said. "He and I just talk about my season so far and how I'm doing in school. We also talked about their season and how they're 1-1 now and with the big game against USC, it's something that could really get their season heading in the right direction.

"Washington is definitely a school I'm going to consider until the end. If I don't get up there for an unofficial visit, I plan on taking an official there, but I don't know when any officials will happen because of my schedule.

"I need to start breaking things down and seeing which schools I officially want to visit and then figure out which ones I can take during the season, I'll probably take one or two, and then which ones I will take after it's done.

"I want to make my decision before the holidays, so I don't have to think about it anymore, but if I can't get it all sorted out before that, I'll take a trip or two in January and then decide."

Riley is being recruited by Washington as a running back although he says he's open to playing safety at the next level, depending on the need of the program that he ends up at. He's got plenty of offers and he says it will come down to where he feels the most comfortable and that immediate playing time is important, but it isn't going to be the deciding factor on where he signs.

We'll continue to touch base with Riley and update things as they happen.

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