Player Quotes - USC

Washington's historic win over third-ranked USC has them thinking about bigger things, but all they wanted to talk about Saturday afternoon was what it meant to them to be able to celebrate with their fans on the field following their 16-13 victory.

S Nate Williams

On how much this win means to him: "Nothing can top this one, especially coming off an 0-12 year. All the hard work that we've been putting in since January, in winter workouts, in spring ball, in fall camp, it's nice to experience this."

On the crowd rushing the field "I've never experienced it. I've watched it on T.V. when an upset happens and I've always wished ‘man I wish that could happen to us' and today it happened, it was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced to have the crowd rush the field like that. I was hugging everybody that I saw, it was just amazing."

On what the difference was with the defense after USC got up 10-0: "I think when we first came out, we are all riled up too much and when we finally calmed down on the sideline, we just stuck to what we had to do, not worrying about them, but just worrying about us and what we were supposed to do. I think at the beginning of the game we were trying to do too much, so when we came off coach (Nick) Holt got us together and told us just to do our job and let the rest of our team do theirs and that's really what made the difference.

RB Chris Polk

On the difference in preparation: "We prepared like any other week. We want to come out there and give 110% and do our best but we just felt that since SC is our rival and we should have won the game so that was just us turning it up and taking it to heart."

On whether he had a "little something extra" in him today: "Yeah there was a little something extra because I'm from there (Southern California) and wanted to go there but fortunately I didn't because this is a better fit. This is exactly how I'd seen it unravel and looked forward to playing. I know all the guys on the team but when I recommitted we kind of lost touch so I just wanted to show them something."

On the offense: "We believe in the stuff we do, every play…in our offense everything we do, it's like a puzzle it all fits. If you believe and give it 100% effort and do everything your coaches tell you to do the way they want you to you can't help but be successful."

LB Donald Butler

On the statement this game makes about the defense: "It's starts with coaching and it starts with practice. We expect to win, we love to play the game and the coaches really prepared us for what we had to go out and do. We executed and I think it shows that when we do things right and stay true to our preparation, we can stop anybody."

On getting his interception: "Honestly, I was disappointed in that first one (he dropped) over the middle. I wasn't expecting the quarterback to throw it, but when you get your hands on it you need to make a play, so that was in the back of my mind when I got the chance the second time. It hit my hands and I just made sure I made the play and got it done."

On the celebration after the game: "Words can't describe it. I'm on a high right now. I think our whole staff, the trainers and fans, everybody included, just finally the hard work has paid off."

On keeping the team focused for next week: "If anything it's going to give us that much more want to get it done. We're 1-0 in the Pac 10 and we just want to keep getting it done."

LB Mason Foster

On what happened the first two drives: "We were all amped up. They're a great team, they have like three or four great backs in there, so they're going to do stuff like that. We just had to keep working hard and persevering through adversity."

On getting the win: "I always feel like we're going to win. They are a great team and they were making great plays out there, but I thought if we stuck in there and stayed with them, that we could do some great things."

On Folk making his kick "He's from the same recruiting class as me, so I've known him for a while and we all had confidence in what he could do. He just went in there, got the kick up and made it and we were just excited. I wasn't worried about him at all."

K Erik Folk

On what he was thinking on the game-winning field goal: "It's the short ones that you get more nervous for because the long ones you just go out and kick. It was basically a PAT so it wasn't too hard and I just went out there and kicked it. You just go out there like any other kick, whether it's the first PAT of the game or the game-winner like that, you just have to go out there and do it the same every time."

On why he's more consistent now: "I changed a couple of things up, technique-wise, that have helped me. It was getting into my head a lot during camp, I was thinking about the kicks a lot and now I'm just going out and kicking it and that's really helped me."

OL Greg Christine

On the game: "It's just crazy. It was a great experience to compete at such a high level and pulling this one off."

On the talking that went on: "It's just players trying to get into each other's heads a lot. It isn't anything that was any different than any other game, but you can't let it get to you."

On the post-game celebration: "It was just a great environment out there. I was high-fiving guys. I saw people hugging and jumping. It was amazing and great to be a part of."

CB Desmond Trufant

On the significance of this win: "I've never felt like this ever in my life, in my career. It's a great feeling."

On whether he envisioned his third college game being a win against USC: "No. I knew coming here that Coach Sark and Coach Holt were going to lead us in the right direction and I knew we were going to do great things but you never know what's going to happen. We've been working hard since day one and it's paying off."

CB Quinton Richardson

On the significance of the win: "All in all we played a great game today. We appreciate them coming out here. We're just happy to be in the Pac 10. All in all we're just excited for this win and trying to get used to this feeling. We've got a long season to go."

On how prepared they felt for USC: "As a team we felt like we could do it and we just had to show them on our own."

On whether he had to hear from coaches on his comment last week (guaranteeing a win): "Yeah. But it happens. It's part of football. You have to keep playing. I was just trying to say coaches tell us to expect to win. I wasn't guaranteeing a win at all just that we were going to come out trying out hardest and try to win. Thank God today we did. We count our blessings, great coaches and great play-calling."

On whether he heard from USC players about the same comment: "No I didn't. There wasn't too much talking. The guys were cool, I shook hands with all of them before the game…you just go out there and play."

QB Jake Locker

On not running the ball for the touchdown: "I kinda kicked myself in the butt after I saw it on the big screen right after it happened. I was just trying to go through my progressions and stuff like that, but I probably should have trusted my legs."

On the motivation to win: "It's just a great football team and I think they had the same belief as us, that they were going to win the game. I don't think it was anything more than wanting to win."

On USC's defense: "They are so fast and they have a bunch of great players over there, but they've been great for years so it isn't anything new. They are a great team and for us to win, that's big for us." Top Stories