So, Now What?

Relevance. It was a stated goal of the Husky Nation. To see their beloved program become relevant again, if only for competetiveness' sake. I think from the images we've seen on the nation's airwaves and on the floor of Husky Stadium beginning at approximately 4:30 PM on Saturday, September 19, that goal has already been achieved.

It all happened so fast. And it's really too bad that under 62,000 souls saw it live. In ten years, maybe 262,000 people will say they were there for it. You hope that's the case, for that means an extended run of success. Irregardless, it was the most people massed on that turf. Ever.

(That was a trick statement, since they brought in a new surface this year. Still, the scene was lovingly mad, wasn't it?)

Now, I can't pretend to know why in Sark's name Southern California just didn't keep to the ground the entire game. It seemed like it was going to be so easy. Guards were pulling, running backs were cutting into wide open spaces, defenders were flailing, and it was 10-0 Tommy Trojan before the Husky band got settled into their seats.

And then, inexplicably, Aaron Corp was introduced to the contest to make his mark. Part of the scripted plan, I imagine.

What a break that turned out for Washington.

Suddenly, USC stopped moving the ball. True that they broke off the occasional run again, but mistake after mistake started befelling mighty Troy.

And the Huskies took full advantage.

This seemed to be a case where the bully kept the littler guy in the fight by getting cute. And it clearly frustrated those behemoth USC offensive linemen. As the quarters wore on and the skies drew darker, it was Washington that was growing in confidence. Confidence that given this golden opportunity, they weren't about to let it go unpunished. With four minutes left and the score still tied at 13, it just seemd clear that the Huskies were going to finish it.

And what a finish it was. Two Heisman-type plays by Jake Locker, an extra-point field goal that might have looked like a 50-yarder to Erik Folk until he nailed it. Bedlam, sweet bedlam.

So now, Washington is 1-0 in PAC-10 play, and 2-1 overall. They are sure to get some votes in the polls this week. Maybe not a lot, but some.

Now comes another true Litmus test. The first road contest. At Stanford, also 1-0 in conference play. For first place in the conference. All alone.

Yes, I'd say that's relevance. And What a wonderful word it is. Top Stories