Player Quotes - Stanford

Washington was battered and bruised on both sides of the ball on Saturday evening, to the tune of a 34-14 manhandling by Stanford. Read on to get the reactions of some of the players involved with how they played and what the need to do to getting back in the win column...

S Justin Glenn

On his touchdown: "I was going to go for the interception because it bounced off and I was honestly going to give it back to the ref and I looked at him and he looked back at me and I was like ‘oh, the play's not dead' so I just took off running."

On how deflating Gerhart's long touchdown was: "That one was tough. I came back when I was supposed to stay up, that was kind of a blown assignment on my part, but there's not excuses for missed tackles. All the guys, they came out and we missed some key tackles and when you do that it leads to big plays."

On Stanford's gameplan: "In the games I've played, they've been the most physical by far. When they came out their gameplan was the shove it down our throat, smack us in our face and we didn't respond well. They came at us and we didn't fight back and that was the difference in the game."

QB Jake Locker

On if there was a let down: "I thought we had a good week of practice. I thought mentally and physically we came into the game, I felt pretty good about where we were."

On the opening kickoff changing their feelings: "Right after that we got the ball and went down to the 20 and I got that pick. It think if we score on that drive and are able to convert on that, it's a whole different ballgame."

On this loss feeling like the last few years: "It's not something that we're going to accept. It's not going to become what happens around it and we're not okay with it."

WR Jermaine Kearse

On if this game shocked them: "It is pretty shocking because we're not that type of football team. We knew they were a physical team and we just didn't respond to that."

On what the difference in the game was: "The coaches tell us all week ‘the team that has to most turnovers is going to lose the game and we had three of them which caused a lot of difficulty for us and caused a lot of problems."

LB Donald Butler

On the defensive struggles: "They ran the same play at us, power, and it just came down to guys doing their responsibility. We knew what they were going to run against us and we couldn't stop it. We had guys out of their gaps, guys not playing sound football like we've been taught. Toby (Gerhart) runs hard, he's a good back, but again sound, fundamental football, you make the tackle or at least slow him up so other guys can come and make a tackle, stay in your gap, stop getting cut, that's what it comes down to."

On the tackling issues: "Maybe it was because guys were scared, guys weren't confident in their abilities. I don't know what it was."

On taking a step back: "I don't know if guys just weren't mentally ready to come and play or physically, obviously, if some guys weren't ready to play. I wouldn't say it's a step back, it's just something we're going to learn from and get ready for Notre Dame."

LB Cort Dennison

On him jumping in and making an impact: "E.J. went down so all I can do is go in and do my best and do my assignments right. The loss is disappointing, but when someone goes down you have to step in and make things happen."

On the roller coaster of the season so far: "That first kickoff kind of was a big blow to us, but there's no excuses, we should come in and play every game like we did versus USC and come out every game and hit people in the mouth and they were more physical than we were and that's really what the story was."

On the opening kickoff return for a touchdown by Owusu: "I think it was more of a shock thing because it happened so fast and we were so hyped up and then they just came out and ‘Boom' and it's hard to come back from those things. We fought, but it's now up to us to come back on Monday because we have a game in seven days and we have to go in and work on the things we messed up on and get ready for Notre Dame."

On the first road game: "I thought we were fine. We were ready to go and at the start of the game we had a great gameplan going in and I don't know what happened. They dominated us on both sides of the ball. They're a great football team, but we've got to forget about it and get after it this week."

LB Mason Foster

On Glenn's touchdown: "I didn't hear a whistle and we're taught to just pick it up and go and they didn't blow the whistle so it was good. I saw it because I was rushing and I saw the referee put his hand behind his back and I was like ‘just go'."

On Gerhart's success this week: "You've got to give Stanford credit. They played hard and they had a good scheme. We've just got to stop them. If you play like that in the Pac 10 you're going to lose. He's a great running back, so it's just he had a great day. Great backs are going to have great days."

On what they can do better: "We be more physical, get our checks right and keep playing hard. You win some, you lose some and we didn't come out on top, but we're just going to keep working hard and getting better." Top Stories