Player Quotes - Notre Dame

In what may turn out to be one of the strangest games in Washington football history, the Huskies lost a heart-breaker to Notre Dame on Saturday, falling 37-30 in overtime. What did the players think following their second-straight loss? Read on to find out...

CB Desmond Trufant

On scoring the touchdown: "The coaches tell us to play through the whistle so it just worked out for me. It was exciting."

On his performance: "I did alright. I have a high standard for myself that I compete no matter what. I compete with myself and I expect that. It was my best game, so I just want to improve every week and get better."

On fighting through adversity: "We had to play through it. They had a lot of big plays and we just had to fight back strong."

RB Chris Polk

On how he felt after the game: "I'm hurting. I felt like we should have won that game and we shot ourselves in the foot. Right now, it hasn't hit me yet, but I feel really bad right now because I feel like we left we left some opportunities on the field."

On his "touchdown": "I felt like I got in the endzone, but the eye-in-the-sky doesn't lie so I honestly don't like to call it what it is, but I felt like I got in. I felt like I was in, because I was on top of the guy, but they saw it different."

On his game: "It really doesn't matter. To me, I'm not a selfish guy, there's no ‘I' in team, so if I have 100 yards or 10 yards, as long as we win I'm happy with it, but we lost so I'm not happy with my performance."

On his hard-running today: "I just tell myself, when I get out there, if I just run act like I'm not going to be tackled, so that's what I did. If I think too much and try to make too many moves I'm easier to tackle. If I just keep running hard though, it will take more than one. I just wanted to earn the respect of the defense and give them something to remember me by."

On the psyche of the team: "We'll bounce back. The thing about it is, it's a long season and we've still got the Pac 10 so we'll bounce back."

K Erik Folk

On the field conditions: "The field was definitely damp. During warm-ups I actually slipped on one of my kickoffs. During the game it wasn't too bad, I wasn't slipping at all, so my cleats were pretty good for the surface we were on."

On what was on his mind on the game-tying field goal: "It's the exact same thing that's going through my mind whether it's in practice or a PAT in a game. Just thinking about making the kick and nothing else."

WR Jermaine Kearse

How it feels to come so close to winning, but then lose: "It's pretty tough. We went to overtime. We fought our way back. People probably didn't think we could drive down the field with that little time left and we came back. It's just a tough loss for us."

On the roller-coaster of emotions this season: "We are just going with the flow. We came off of two wins and now we're coming off back to back losses, but we're just going to press forward and watch film, get things corrected and come out and play hard next week."

WR James Johnson On the game: "We were on the one yard line, basically eight times, and we couldn't get the ball into the endzone. We've got to get back to practice on Monday. We've got to really work on finishing and work on being more consistent because our defense bailed us out a couple of times today."

On the progress the team has made: "I wasn't here last year. All I see is the effort that the coaches and the players put into the game right now. When I ask people what has changed all I hear is that we're practicing hard every day and practicing like it's a game every day, so that's what I've seen."

Offensive Coordinator Doug Nussmeier

On how he feels about the offense's performance: "They fought with everything tonight. I feel for them. They fought through adversity and we'll get better and keep fighting on."

On possibly going for it on 4th-and-1 the second time: "We could have, but if we don't get in, we don't get in. Steve (Sarkisian) was aggressive when he was supposed to be and when it was time to kick, we kicked." Top Stories