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Seattle, WA – Washington comes off one of their most heartbreaking losses in a long time, dropping an overtime decision to Notre Dame, while Arizona comes to town with aspirations of post season play. Here is what the staff feels will happen under the lights in Husky Stadium on Saturday night.

Patrick Thrapp – numbers guy: Wow was last week a heartbreaking game or what? Yet at the same time I felt good that we had something to piss and moan about. We were in it - again. A good solid step towards recovery. Now on to this week. The numbers are in Arizona's favor. Yet I feel these DAWGs have played much stiffer competition. My only worry is how banged up are we. One thing I am liking is how well prepared this team is for each game under Sark's leadership. I feel good about this game. I believe we can win it. I think it will be close. The Cats have a pretty stout D. Still I like our chances at home.

Washington 30 - Arizona 27

Jay Torrell – Executive Editor, Scout Publications: The October issue of Sports Washington ran a story about games that Husky fans will never get over...add the ND game to the list. What I hope the Huskies take from the Notre Dame game is anger (not a hangover) and the realization that THEY must leave no room for a referee's call to determine the outcome of the game. The Dawgs know that they can beat anyone but they still must play error-free football to win. Arizona rolls into town thinking that they've turn the corner and are ready for primetime. I'm not buying it. The combination of a chilly night and a hyper-motivated Jake Locker who might be thinking this is his last year at UW proves too much for the Wildcats. Last week I picked the Dawgs to lose in a heartbreaker 35-31 because they still had lessons to learn. Here's hoping they paid attention in class...

UW 31 - Arizona 27

Derek Johnson – Published Author: In what is the most important game of the year, the fortunes of a football season ride on the outcome. Regardless of whether the Huskies emerge from the tunnel sky-high or not, the onus is on quarterback Jake Locker to carry the team to victory. It will be a hard-fought game, but Husky Stadium's home field advantage will be worth 10 points and that will prove to be the margin of victory.

Washington 33, Arizona 23

Scott Eklund – Recruiting guru: Washington lost a heart-breaker last week to Notre Dame and I think the players are pissed. So pissed that they will come out and play one of their best games of the season. Look for Jake Locker to will this team to another win with his arm while the defense continues to find itself. I see the Huskies winning this one, but it won't be easy.

Washington 24 - Arizona 21

Aaron Beach – Hoops guru: The Notre Dame showed Dawg fans as well as the rest of the country, that this Husky team has a lot of heart and a will to keep fighting. There wasn't a player on the field Saturday that will reflect back on their collegiate football career and say that Saturday's game wasn't the best and most memorable in their career. My hats off to the Huskies! OK, they now enter the penultimate swing game in their season (UO being the ultimate). The Huskies are playing for a bowl and for Pac 10 pride and there is not a game on their schedule for the rest of the season that they should not compete in and be in a position to win. The Wildcats are a good team, but certainly not as good at skilled positions as the Irish, but they run the ball incredibly well and will keep it on the ground over 35 times on Saturday. If the Dawgs defense holds the UA rushing offense under 200 yards and wins the time of possession, I predict a victory. If they fail to do either, certain loss. I think we'll see Chris Polk featured again this Saturday as Sarkisian attempts to control the clock and keep the UA offense off the field. I don't think the Cats have an answer to Polk or Locker, and I think the Dawgs win and put up 35 points and defraud UA's defense. UA will score in the air against UW's depleted secondary, but it won't be enough as the Dawgs will hold at the end.

Huskies 35 - Wildcats 27

Molly Waldron – Intern Extraordinaire: Washington has a chip on their shoulder after a tough loss at Notre Dame. Home field advantage should be a big factor Saturday, as school is back in session and the team clearly thrives on the energy at Husky Stadium. Arizona has had more time to prepare, coming off a bye week, and will no doubt test Washington's defense with their impressive running game (first in Pac-10 in rushing offense at 223.2 per game). The Husky defense has hopefully "tackled" some mistakes they've been making in recent games during practice this week. I think James Johnson, Chris Polk and Jake Locker will be in the zone as they tend to be, and with Jake being the superior quarterback, the Huskies should be able to pull off a close win.

UW 31 – Arizona 27

Chris Fetters – Editor In Chief: Looks like the weather is going to hold out, so we aren't going to have to worry about the elements, unlike last week. So while the problem in last Saturday's 37-30 loss to Notre Dame was deep inside the ND red zone, expect Steve Sarkisian to mix things up a little more when the Huskies knock on Arizona's door. Giving the ball to Jake Locker and having him make a play is still money, though, and he had a career game two years ago when the 'Cats and Dawgs hooked up at Husky Stadium, and I'm definitely taking the over in this game. I think the 'x' factor right now rests on the shoulders of two UA players - Nick Foles and Nic Grigsby. Foles, who made his first start two weeks ago in a win at Oregon State, threw for over 250 yards and three TD's. Will he be that efficient Saturday night? Or will he pull an Aaron Corp, the last newbie QB to try his game in Husky Stadium. And Grigsby, who is averaging over eight yards a carry, played just one snap before hurting his shoulder against the Beavers. Will he be 100 percent for the Huskies? Will he be able to perform up to his capabilities for the full 60 minutes? For the Huskies, Locker showed that he is getting better and better at distributing the ball to the other offensive playmakers, and Chris Polk emerged as a legit 25-carry-a-game back, as he racked up his first career 100-yard rushing effort against the Irish. I'm not expecting the Wildcats to stop Washington much, but their secondary is opportunistic. Locker will need to continue to be smart, tuck the ball away when he needs to, and understand that he doesn't need to win the game by himself. With Polk, Jermaine Kearse, James Johnson and Kavario Middleton at his disposal, among others, Locker will be able to pick his spots, move the chains, and this time he won't be denied when he wants to punch it in from close range.

UW 42 – Arizona 34

Dave Samek – Dawgman: I hate it when the staff is unanimous in their picks. Recall Stanford. But I can't help but think the Huskies are going to rally after such a tough loss. This team expects to win, they have a great play-caller in Steve Sarkisian, and they give every appearance and indication of being a well coached team. Chris Polk will run for the tough yards, and Jake Locker will throw the ball to James Johnson and Kavario Middleton for big gains as the Huskies even their record to 3-3.

Washington 33 – Arizona 24

Kim Grinolds – Business Operations: Late game under the lights at Husky Stadium. As much of a pain as they are, they always seem to be electric. I expect another wild one on Saturday. Expect a track meet and that guy named Folk……………..another clutch kick at the end.

UW 41 - Arizona39

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