Trip Report - Ryan Clanton

Washington made a huge impression on one of the biggest JCUO recruits out there and now the waiting game begins. CCSF OL Ryan Clanton came to Seattle this past Friday to check out the Husky football program up close and came away impressed. No offer was extended, but he could get some good news later this week if things work out how he expects them to...

"It was great," Clanton told "I mean, I had only been to Seattle once, on a layover for a fishing trip I was taking up in Anchorage, so this was really cool just getting to see the city and the campus.

"I got to sit down with the coaches, especially coach (Dan) Cozzetto and coach (Steve) Sarkisian and they both said they wanted to get me real bad. They said that they loved my toughness and the mentality I bring.

"They didn't promise me a starting spot, but they said the playing time is there if I were to come in there ready to go."

Coming in ready to go is the reason Clanton did not walk away with an offer.

"I had a few more PE credits than they could accept, but I guess one of them is actually a class so they are reviewing everything to make sure they figure out which classes I need," Clanton said. "They told me that they should know pretty soon, probably sometime this week I guess, and then I should know more about whether they are going to offer me or not."

Clanton's trip host was OT Skyler Fancher, a player not currently playing, but someone who could be in the mix for playing time once he gets healthy.

"He had nothing but good things to say about the program and the school," Clanton said. "He was a real good host and he talked about the change in the mentality of the team and how they 'Expect to Win' now instead of the way things had been the past few years.

"You could definitely see that they are really buying in to things and believing in what they are being coached to do and how to win. That's what really makes the difference in football.

"They were down in that game, but they somehow pulled it out and it was because they fought until the final whistle."

Clanton has a visit set up with Oregon for November 28th and said he plans to visit Arizona State and Syracuse as well.

We'll check back soon with Clanton to find out where things stand with the Huskies and what dates he plans to visit those other schools as well. This weekend, City College takes on defending national champion Butte in a big NCFA matchup.

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