Trip Report - Matangi Tonga

He's one of the most physically gifted JUCO defensive linemen in the country and this past weekend College of San Mateo's Matangi Tonga was in Seattle to check out the Washington football program. got the scoop on his visit as well as what he plans to do next...

"Oh man, that palace felt like home to me," Tonga told Monday morning. "It was amazing. The crowd was hyped, the game was great and the people were all real friendly to me.

"I had never really met the coaches before, so we just talked a lot about different things and coach (Nick) Holt told me they want me at a three-technique spot, so they want me inside and they feel I could come in and do real well once I get there if that's where I decide to go."

Tonga's host on his visit wasn't just one man, it was a host of hosts if you will.

"The first night I was there (Friday) Semisi Tokolahi was the guy I spent the most time with," Tonga said. "He's only a freshman there, so he's still sorta feeling his way a bit, but he showed me around some different places and stuff.

"Then on Saturday, after the game, I spent a lot of time with Alameda (Ta'amu) and Everrette Thompson and Talia (Crichton).

"We all just chilled and talked. We spent a lot of time just seeing the campus and hanging out. It's real cool having such a great islander community up there because it really helps you feel more at home."

So while he was on campus did he give a thought to committing?

"Stuff like that runs through your head, but no, not really," Tonga noted. "I wanted to talk to my family and I also wanted to see another school or two. I'm probably going to set up a visit with Houston soon, so I just need to do that so I can make sure I'm choosing the right spot for me since I only have one year left."

Tonga said his offer from Washington came with a few conditions.

"They wanted to really go over my transcripts," Tonga said. "They needed to make sure I had everything I needed to get in there because they said they need me right away. I'm sure it's fine, but they said they want to be extra sure."

This weekend Tonga and his Bulldog teammates will face off against Santa Rosa in a matchup of two top NCFA programs.

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