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Washington is still in search of a road win for 2009, but they are coming off of perhaps one of the most improbable wins in school history against Arizona. Can the Dawgs pull off a repeat and sweep the Arizona schools for the year? Here is what the staff thinks.

Kim Grinolds - Business Operations: Another night game in the dessert. Will the ghost of Reggie Davis rear his head? This team sure makes you think it might. Expect another nail biter and don't turn off the set. Another surprise is in the air.

UW 27 - ASU 24

Derek Johnson – Published Author: My heart tells me that we go down to Tempe and win by a touchdown. My head tells me that Dennis Erickson will find enough soft spots in the Husky D that even his beleaguered Sun Devil offense will score enough to beat the Dawgs.

ASU 34 - Washington 24

Pat Thrapp – Numbers Guy:It is getting really hard to predict these games. It just seems like the Pac is real tight from top to bottom-1. There has been only 5 Pac-10 road wins so far this season. Two of those were at WSU. Looking at this matchup all I can think about is how each compares to comparable competition. The DAWGs have played 5 good foes. ASU 3. Scoring average in those games is almost even between UW & ASU. With that said somehow I see this Husky team hungry for a road win. I think they are starting to smell the rewards of winning. I sure hope so.

Washington 27 at Arizona St 23

Jay Torrell – Executive Editor, Scout Publications: This game means everything to Arizona State. They may not be favored in any game the rest of the season and a loss to UW may be the start of a deep slide to the Pac-10 first floor (of course WSU is in the basement.) ASU's defense is good, but they have run up great numbers against three horrible teams (are we really impressed that they had 12 sacks against the Cougs?). The only game comparable to Washington is a 28-17 home loss to Oregon State (Georgia was on the road.) Dawgs are going to score, so once again it will be up to the bend-but-don't-break defense to keep them out of the end zone. The Huskies must give Locker enough time to in the pocket to make plays and conversely the defense has got to get pressure on Sullivan to force turnovers. The heat will definitely be a factor and if this game is close in the 4th quarter the advantage will tilt towards the Sun Devils. Dawgs go up early, win the turnover battle and hold on for a huge win.

UW 27-ASU 23

Scott Eklund – Recruiting Guru: Like their season motto "Expect to Win", the Husky football players are doing just that and the results are astounding. Last week's win was one of the most improbable wins imaginable and it's up to the coaches to get them focused on their next game, against a struggling Arizona State squad. I like some of the match-ups this week with Mason Foster, Donald Butler and E.J. Savannah having a chance to really get after struggling Sun Devil QB Danny Sullivan. However, I believe the offense will struggle against a front-seven that features some of the best pass-rushers around. I'd like to think the Dawgs are ready to take that next step, taking it to an opponent the week after a big win, but I'm just not able to get there...yet.

Arizona State 24 - Washington 17

Molly Waldron – Intern Extraordinaire: I'm calling a close game. It's going to be tough for a kind of beat-up Washington team looking to prove they can win away from Husky Stadium. When the Dawgs followed up a win here against USC with a collapse at Stanford, it became clear this is a different team on the road than at home. I don't fully believe that Washington can stay focused at ASU for a few reasons. One, many are saying this is a must-win game to prove they can be bowl-eligible, and the season's been such a roller coaster already that I think emotions will be running high- not necessarily in a good way. There's also been some readjusting due to some minor injuries and uncertainties among starters. Next, a couple days of indoor practice isn't going to adequately prepare the team for triple digit temperatures in Tempe. That being said, the Dawgs are lucky it's a night game, and if they can channel their emotions and competitiveness into execution regardless of who's playing, they'll put up a fight worth respect.

ASU 35 - Washington 31

Aaron Beach – Hoops Guru: After snatching victory from the jaws of certain defeat, the Huskies hit the road to take on Dennis and the Devils. You don't have to be a historian to know that Huskies have not done well in the past decade in Tempe, and even with Nate Williams, Johri Fogerson, and DeAndre Goodwin returning this game is particularly worrisome. I really don't think the Devils defense is nearly as good as the Husky defense is bad, so I expect the Huskies to score points through the air. Kavario Middleton's role and contributions are increasing as the season unfolds, and I think this will be another big game for him. However, this game comes down to whether the Husky defense is better than Sun Devil offense, and I fear that answer is no. For the majority of the season our defense has been "dancing with the devil" by giving up disproportionate amounts of yardage, time of possession, and first downs only to toughen up in the red zone. I think this game and the UO game next Saturday we're finally going to get the pitchfork right where it counts. The Dawgs battle hard as is their signature in the Sarkisian era but the Devils win by 6 points.

ASU 27 Dawgs 21

Chris Fetters – Editor In Chief: The Huskies of 2009 are finding ways to win - even when they aren't playing that well - and that makes them dangerous. Ironically enough, even though UW hasn't won on the road since 2007, their current 9-game road losing streak isn't their longest; that would be the 10 they lost between the 2003-04-05 seasons. They broke that string with a 38-14 win at Arizona, and a big part of that game hinged on a huge running day by James Sims, a hail-Mary pass from Isaiah Stanback to Craig Chambers to end the half, and a pick-six by Roy Lewis. I'm not saying these Huskies are going to need all those things to beat Arizona State on Sunday, but they are going to need to be able to run the ball, they are going to have to find success in their vertical passing game, and a defensive touchdown could be a back-breaker. The reality is that Washington will have to find ways to not beat themselves. They have to eliminate the personal fouls, they have to keep a clean sheet when it comes to giving the ball away, and they have to keep Jake Locker upright. Do those things, and remain resilient in the red zone, and UW can pull this one out. I don't expect it to be a high-scoring affair, and that can also work to the visitor's advantage.

Washington 21 – ASU 16

David Samek – Dawgman: Washington is playing so far over their heads right now, and I love it. They have some talent, but no depth. They have some guys in the trenches but no All-Pac 10 caliber guys. Still, this coaching staff is getting these guys to play and play hard. And they believe. Chris Polk NEVER, NEVER would be the tough back he is today under Tyrone. He has been coached to believe that he CAN BE TOUGH. This coaching staff is incredible at getting what they can out of a very marginal Pac-10 team talent-wise. But this Husky team competes for 60 minutes. They DO NOT QUIT. And they won't quit on Saturday night in the desert. And they will find a way to win against an ASU team that has had serious trouble at the QB position. Chris Polk has one huge TD run and Jake Locker throws for 240 yards and two touchdowns in a win in the desert.

Washington 29 – Arizona State 20

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