Player Quotes - Arizona State

TEMPE, ARIZ. - Here's what a few of the Washington Huskies players had to say about their tough 24-17 road loss to the Arizona State Sun Devils Saturday night at Sun Devil Stadium.

QB Jake Locker:

On Washington's final offensive possession: "We were just hoping we could get a first down with our running game and we weren't able to get it done on second down and then we missed it on third down."

On missed opportunities: "I think we left a lot of yards out there and a lot of points out there. I threw the interception inside the 10 yard line and that could have been seven points and we missed a couple of other shots down the field."

On recovering from the loss: "It's not easy to take a loss like this. We thought we were going to have a chance to go into overtime. I don't know how many games I've seen end like that."

CB Desmond Trufant:

On the final play: "He was just open somehow. I guess we just weren't in the right position and we weren't able to play the ball and it turned out bad for us. It was a cover-three call, but I don't know what happened so we've gotta watch the film to see what happened. We just messed up on that last play, pretty much."

On losing the game like this: "It's the worst feeling ever. We were just battling the whole game and it always seems to come down to the last play for us. It didn't work out this time, but we're just going to keep pushing."

On the mentality of the team on their last possession: "We were going to score and then get a stop on defense. We had the confidence we were going to score. We were playing to win the game, we all wanted to win, but it just didn't happen."

On the big plays: "Most of the game we did things right, but we didn't in crunch time so we just have to get back to it. This game hurts, but we'll learn from it."

CB Adam Long

On his first start: "It was intense for the first few snaps and then after that the game slowed down and then I was just out there playing and I was able to see things and react just like I do in practice."

On the message in the locker room: "Keep playing, keep fighting, keep practicing, keep playing with great effort. This game is pretty much over so we've got start focusing on things for next week."

RB Johri Fogerson:

On his mentality at the end of the game: "I thought we were going into overtime. I don't even know what happened, but we lost."

On the competition for playing time: "Our practices are all about competition so we've always gotta get past things and work toward the next game and competiting."
LB Mason Foster

On the second half and stopping ASU's O: We just made our adjustments. We knew we could stop them and we knew what mistakes we were making. So we just played harder and made our adjustments at the half. Coach Holt and coach Cox had a feel for what they were doing.

On the lack of a rhythm in the game: It was a different game, on the road. But no excuses. We played a tough game, but we've got to finish. We've just got to do it. Penalties, we can't have dumb penalties. Can't do stuff like that, can't have busted assignments.

On the last play: It just happens sometimes. I don't think it was on anybody. It's just one of those things that happens.

On getting the team to the point where they had a chance to win: That's all we know how to do, just keep playing hard and we're just going to keep going hard until things turn around. We're always in there until the end, so you just have to finish. We didn't finish well, so we're going to keep playing and bounce back on Monday.

On the Pac-10 and how tough it's been: This is my third year, and each game is a big game. As you see around the country, there are huge games every Saturday that can change your year. We are just going to keep playing, and we have a big game next week, and we're just going to keep going on and getting better.

On the final play call: It was a cover-3. We were just out there playing. I don't question what happened. They got their plays, we got out plays. We made big plays, they made big plays. That's going to happen in the Pac-10, so great play by them. They just made a great play. Guys were making great plays all game long, so that's how it ends sometimes.

On seeing the ASU wide receiver open at the end: It was kind of shocking to see him open like that, but we're going to bounce back. They had a great play at the end of the game. We made some great plays through the whole game; Nate (Williams) Vic (Aiyewa) made great plays - all the corners, everybody's making good plays. They just happen to get the last big play of the game, and that's what happens sometimes.
WR Devin Aguilar:

On the offense: Tonight the offense had a couple of mistakes, but we executed a lot of stuff. Sark called the right plays. Shot ourselves in the foot on a couple of deals.

On the final offensive drive: To be honest, at that point in time I didn't know what was going on or what the coaches were thinking, I was just going with the flow of the game and everything. I can't even remember the play that was called or anything.

On playing well of late: I know I'm a go-to guy and a player that can help the offense and encourage them to do more as the season goes on and in each game.

On the one-handed catch: That was unexpected. I didn't know I was going to do that. But it was a nice catch.

On the touchdown: Coach Sark called a good play, drew the defense in. I was over the top and Jake threw a good ball. It was all set for a touchdown.

On that TD and setting the tone on offense for the night: Coming in, the coaches were stressing about how good their defense was and how we needed to execute. And when we did that and we scored, we knew we could basically contend with these guys throughout the whole game.

On the last drive and thinking the game was theirs: I did. I thought it was ours. I thought the game was going to go into OT, but it didn't.

On using four-receiver sets early: They were giving a lot of pressure to Jake, but we were still running our routes. We wanted to spread the defense out a little more.

On coming back from injury: I'm feeling pretty good, coming back from all the injuries I've had. I'm back up to speed. I'm fine.

On having career day for catches and yards: I can contribute that all the time. It's just a matter of time and being patient and playing and contributing to the offense.

On the flow of the game: I thought we were shooting ourselves in the foot a couple of times, just with penalties that were really little. But the little things count. That set us back a little bit.

On what ASU was doing on defense and that having an affect on UW early: There wasn't anything they were doing that was special. I just think guys were nervous and not playing up to their potential until they figured out the defense and got into the flow of the game.

On the chippiness of the game: They talk a lot, but that's part of the game. They were talking a lot at the mouth, but we just continued to play.

On Vontaze Burfict and the punch against James Johnson: He was doing that all game, but we knew from the get-go that he was a bit of a hot head. I wasn't really worried about him at all.
RB Chris Polk:

On shoulder: I wasn't going to let it keep me out. It'll start feeling sore in a couple of hours, but it's not going to be bad enough to where I'm going to miss a game or anything like that. It kind of got to me, but I had to play through it. It doesn't pop out; it's just stiff and it nags and there's a little stinging sensation.

On the TD: I knew that if I ran hard, they weren't really wrapping up. They were just hitting. If I just ran into them and spin out, I would be open. And that's what I did.

On the TD giving the team a lift: That built our morale, so all we needed to do was execute in the key moments. We kind of didn't.

On looking for the ball on the 3rd and 1 at the end of the game: I expected it, but it's not my place. I just run the plays that are called. I'm not selfish like that. I do whatever it takes to win.

On Burfict and the game getting chippy: He had some little cheap shots because he's from my area, so he felt there was a rivalry - from the inland empire area. He was yapping at the mouth. We just couldn't pay no attention to it. We just had to play the game we play. We already knew going into it, he's a real hot head and he'd do stupid things at the wrong times, so we were prepared for it.

On watching that final pass play: I'm not frustrated at all. That's how the game goes. You can't change it. There are highs and lows in games and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

On this game being a tough one to get over: We have the 24 hour rule, regardless of win or loss, so we'll get over it and get ready for Oregon. Top Stories