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The first-place Oregon Ducks make a visit to Husky Stadium on Saturday afternoon. The Ducks have run the table since an embarrassing showing against Boise State while the Huskies are coming off of another last second loss, the last one coming at the hands of Arizona State on a Hail Mary. Here is what the staff thinks will happen.

Pat Thrapp – numbers guy: I look at the some of their games, and I think we have a good shot at winning this game. Then I think about how explosive they can be, and our depth or lack of. How will we pull this off? We are now into October. The hurts are starting to pile up for both teams. I look at the numbers, and see they are real efficient when they have the ball. Plus their defense is real stingy. We have played some stiff competition, and have been in every game. With that competition, and home field advantage I am going to go homer this week. I so want this win. I want another 42 unanswered points game.

Washington 34 - Oregon 31

Jay Torrell – Executive Editor, Scout Publications: I grew up a Husky in Duckland (Portland) and have hated them before you knew you were suppose to hate them so I'm not capable of making an objective pick in this game. Instead I'm just going to tell you what I want to have happen. Here goes...both the offense and defense put it together in the same game. Locker is Locker and we start to mourn his loss to the Seahawks at the end of the season. Holt figures out how to stop the bubble screen and we actually put Masoli on his back a few times. The crowd becomes unhinged during a Trufant interception for a touchdown and the Ducks are penalized 15-yards upon kickoff for excessive use of Nike's uniform department. Huskies smell blood in the water after some early scores and it becomes one of those "I was there when Husky football came all the way back" moments. GO DAWGS!!!!

UW 31 - University of Nike 17

Scott Eklund – recruiting guru: OK. Which Husky and Duck teams will show up this weekend? Oregon comes off of a bye with their quarterback still hobbled by a troublesome knee injury. However, they blew out UCLA on the road two weeks ago with Nate Costa at the helm. They can always fall back on the legs of LaMichael James and a stingy defense that's yeilding a mere 16.3 points per game. Washington had been explosive the past few weeks putting up 66 points in the two weeks prior to their heart-breaking 24-17 loss on the road to Arizona State last week. Jake Locker needs to have a big day against an injury-riddled Oregon secondary, but he'll have to elude the rush of Oregon defensive ends Kenny Rowe and Will Takuafu. I like UW's chances of keeping it close, especially with a raucous home crowd behind them, but in the end I think the Ducks will just have too much speed and firepower to beat them. If Costa plays it will be closer, but with Jeremiah Masoli I see Oregon pulling away late...

Oregon 42 - Washington 27

Molly Waldron – Intern Extraordinaire: I think we'll be seeing Washington's first loss at home since LSU. The Ducks aren't undefeated in Pac 10 play and ranked #11 for nothing. Oregon's running game will be too strong for Washington's defense to consistently control. Oregon could use an early lead to their advantage to gain momentum, especially in a big rivalry game like this, and the key will be for Washington to readjust early and often in order to stay competitive. That being said, I'm looking forward to seeing which UW receiver will have a great game this week, and with Locker's passing ability we'll be able to score on the Ducks a few times, no doubt.

Oregon 37 - Washington 24

Aaron Beach – Hoops guru: I've spent the week contemplating different scenarios by which the Dawgs could pull out a victory against a team that has dominated them more in the last five years than virtually any other team in the Pac-10. Well...Nick Holt has shut down the UO spread offense before, but that was with USC athletes. What else......The Dawgs' linebacking core is better at filling gaps this year than they were in years past…But that isn't saying much. Let's face it, the only way the Dawgs win this game is to control the ball and keep the rock out of the hands of Masoli and James. The Ducks have won many games and still not won the time of possession, so the Huskies must win the TOP significantly, like 37 minutes to 23 minutes or more. If this happens, they've got a chance. If it doesn't, the Ducks will score quickly and often. I'm not yet a believer that this defense can stop the spread.

UO 35 - UW 21

David Samek – Dawgman: I am really not sure what to think of this Husky team. They are a little on the schizophrenic side, but that being said, they play harder than any previous team in the past 6-7 years. These guys play hard until the game is over, and you have to love that. Once Sarkisian gets the numbers and talent up to the point to where kids won't have to play over their heads all of the time, you will see more consistency. I am very happy at where the program is going. However at this time, they are not equipped to stop Oregon's offense. Jake Locker and Chris Polk will move the ball some but the offensive line will give up too many sacks and hurries for the Huskies to keep pace. I see Oregon pulling away from the Huskies by middle of the 4th quarter.

Oregon 35 – Washington 23

Chris Fetters – Editor In Chief: Seems like all the national pundits are looking at this game like it's a redux of the USC game. Could be, but the only way that happens is if Jeremiah Masoli doesn't play - and even then Nate Costa runs the UO offense a whole lot better than Aaron Corp runs the USC offense. Washington has historically done a very poor job of defending the Ducks' run game, and honestly I don't see that changing much either. But if the Huskies can continue to perfect their bend-but-don't-break defense, they could still stay in it if Oregon is forced to kick field goals. The 'x' factor on offense - like he is every week - will be Jake Locker, and whether or not he can move Washington up and down the field against a very underrated Duck D. And the ultimate intangible is the Husky Stadium crowd, and whether or not they can give Washington enough of an emotional edge to push through and win a game they shouldn't on paper. Sark is right; this team is going to battle all the way until the end, and as much as I'm trying to reconcile all the different scenarios, they just don't come up with the home team on the winning end. Too much LaMichael James, plus an opportunistic Oregon defense, equals another win for the Ducks in this contentious series.

Oregon 35 – UW 31

Kim Grinolds – business operations: The ASU game hurt. It hurt a lot. I think it took a lot out of not only the players, but the coaching staff as well………for 24 hours. I think you're going to see a different team on Saturday, especially on defense and special teams. It's going to be a wild day in Husky Stadium.

UW 28 - Oregon 17

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