Trip Report - Niu Sale

Los Alamitos OL Niu Sale is just starting to pop up on recruiting radars up and down the west coast and this weekend he visited Washington and he came away with his first official offer. caught up with the talented offensive lineman and he updated us on things including how close he was to making a decision...

"Man, it was really great up here," Sale told Dawgman as he waited at Sea-Tac to catch his flight out of town. "I really liked it a lot. The weather was great and I was really happy with what they had to offer."

After getting shown around by hosts Will Shamburger and Alameda Ta'amu, Sale met with head coach Steve Sarkisian and received some good news.

"He offered me while I was talking to him one-on-one," Sale said. "It's really great to get that first offer and it means a lot to me. I'm not going to say I thought about committing, but I definitely have some things to think about and to talk to my parents about when I get home."

Sale said Washington let it be known they want to acquire his services, but they didn't put a ton of pressure on him.

"They said 'go home, talk to your family and when you feel it's the right decision, then you make that call,'" Sale said. "That was really cool of them to understand why I couldn't just commit right there."

Besides the Huskies, Sale is also getting heavy interest from Oregon and the Ducks have let it be known they want to get him down to Eugene in the near future.

"They have really started to recruit me a lot harder," Sale said. "They want to get me up there and I might schedule that pretty soon. I'm not really sure though."

We'll continue to track Sale's progress over the coming weeks and months as things really heat up after the season is completed.

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