Breshers has Big Shoes to Fill

It's impossible to replace the No. 2 scorer and No. 1 rebounder of all-time, but one of the players that is said to have a possible Jon Brockman-type impact is redshirt-freshman Tyreese Breshers. In high school, Breshers led the Knights of Frederick K. C. Price III High School in Los Angeles to a 31-4 overall record and a 10-0 record in Harbor League play.

He finished his senior season as an honorable mention all-state player while averaging 17 points, 11 rebounds and a state high six blocks per game.

After arriving on campus, he unfortunately went down with a shin injury that forced him into redshirting. It is also an injury that former UW guard Will Conroy endured at one point. Now that he is finally healthy, Breshers said he needs to work on his conditioning before he can contribute a lot of minutes and be successful.

"Right now, with my conditioning, I think I'll hurt the team more than I'll help the team," Breshers said. "When my conditioning is right and I feel that I am truly able to play, I feel I'll be helping the team more than hurting. That's the marker on when they feel that I am ready to play."

Listed at 6-foot-7 and 255 pounds, Breshers will be a load to handle down low and will play bigger than he is. Husky Head Coach Lorenzo Romar said when Breshers is finally healthy and back in shape, it will be tough to keep him out of the starting five.

"A healthy Tyreese, in condition, is hard not to start," Romar said. "In 2005, our best player came off the bench, Brandon Roy. In 2006, our best offensive player came off the bench, Jamaal Williams. So he could very well come off the bench, but you have to look at starting him."

After being out so long, for many the question is beginning to rise about when Breshers will finally be 100 percent. Romar said that it's a question he doesn't know the exact answer to, but he anticipates it to still be a month or two away.

"I would hope by January, by conference time," he said. "I would hope by at that point he would be ready to go. Even if he's not in top condition by that point, somewhere near there it's still going to be pretty good."

However until then, the best way for Breshers to get back into shape is to play in games and slowly work his way back. And the Huskies open up the season Friday against Wright State in the Athletes in Action Basketball Classic at Bank of America Arena, so he will get an opportunity right away to get in the mix. On Saturday they will play Belmont and Sunday will be the annual game against Portland State. All games will be at 7 p.m.

Until he is back game condition, Romar said his minutes will be limited.

"Probably about 15 (minutes), because I just don't think he's in condition enough to go beyond that right now," Romar said. "Now, if he played maybe the way he played in high school or if the game was really slow, he could play 20-24 minutes. But the way we're asking him to defend and run the floor, I think if he's giving maximum effort, about 15. But he is a guy that ultimately as a freshman, we wish he could play 25-30."

For Breshers, he said even a little minutes will help prepare him for the long haul.

"It helps me a lot to just be on the court. In high school I would play in tournaments, but there was nothing like playing in front of a big crowd," he said.

"I have to get back use to playing with all of the team, because in practice we play against each other. So when we are actually playing together as a team it takes some getting used to."

Even though the opponents aren't Kansas or North Carolina, UW captain Quincy Pondexter said having Breshers play against another team besides his own will only bring confidence.

"It always adds confidence when you are able to go against an opponent and be able to do the same thing you do in practice," Pondexter said. "He is a tremendous player and he does so many things similar to Jon Brockman. He has a bright future ahead of him." Top Stories