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CORVALLIS, Ore. - Here are quotes from Desmond Trufant, Cort Dennison, Jermaine Kearse, Jake Locker and Nick Holt following Oregon State's 48-21 win over Washington Saturday afternoon at Reser Stadium.

Desmond Trufant:
On James Rodgers long kickoff return: "He's real fast actually. On that kickoff when he got away, he was moving. He's cool, he's a good player."

On the defense holding on for dear life since the special teams and offense weren't giving them a lot of help in the first half: "The offense isn't always gonna score all the time, so we have to be ready anyways regardless of what they do. We just try to hold our own and it didn't work out this game, but we just have to keep fighting."

On the Rodgers brothers: "They're good players, they are fast they are strong, they are smart, they can move, they are elusive, they are great players actually."

On if James Rodgers gave him a move on the kickoff return?: "I was waiting for him to make a move, but he didn't really give me one, he just kept going full speed so that's what kind of got me stuck, but I caught him. He's real fast though."

Did he think at the end of the return that a fumble was going to go their way?: "We always preach getting turnovers. It just didn't go our way this game, so we are just going to come back next week for the Apple Cup and try to get that game."

On if the defense brought any more pressure from the corners this game or not?: "Yeah, we do, we mix it in. We do a lot of blitzes from the corner, but the running back did a good job of picking us up, so that kind of threw it off."

On being in so many close losses, did this feel like a step back to him?: "It's not really a step back, but it does hurt though. Our team has just got to bounce back. We didn't play our best game today."
Cort Dennison:
Is containing the Rodgers brothers, especially Jacquizz, tougher than it looked on film?: "He's a great player, we just didn't do a good job of tackling him. I didn't do a good job of tackling him. I take full responsibility for some of the tackles I missed. You have to go for his legs, he's a great player. I don't know what to say, they just beat us."

On Jacquizz Rogers: "He's a great running back. He's light on his feet and quick. He is definitely one of the best in the conference."

Is there anything that has happened to this team since the USC win at all?: "We've come close in games, we just need to learn how to finish."

As a defense are you guys still able to stay confident?: "We have a lot of good players on defense, we just have to keep fighting, the season is not over with. We've got Wazzu and Cal coming up so we have to get back to the books and finish like I know we can."

What do you target for these last two games now that your bowl aspirations are over with?: "I'm going to go out and play for the seniors. I look up to a lot of them, especially some of the linebackers, Donald, Josh, TJ, and Trenton. I'm going to go out and play for the seniors because I know they would do the same thing for me if I was a senior."

Did they throw anything at you today that you didn't expect?: "They threw a lot of the same stuff. They ran more draws than we'd seen, but other than that it was all the stuff we'd covered in practice."
Jermaine Kearse:
Your first one got it down to 20-7 was there a little glimmer of hope at that point?: "Yeah. The first one we just ran a regular out route and I just turned it up."

Were you just trying to get it to half time at that point and keep it in a reasonable range to talk about it?: "We just started off slow and couldn't find a rhythm, we were just trying to find that rhythm and it just wasn't happening for us."

Did you feel like they threw anything at you guys that contributed to that slow start?: "It was mostly our team, we just didn't come into the game with the right mindset and that was what killed us."

What do you guys want to get accomplished with the bye week?: "Just to continue to get better and fix the mistakes we had this game. I'm just going to use this next bye week to just get better and to just finish the season strong."
Jake Locker:
That wasn't your team out there, what happened?: "We just didn't play the kind of football we've played all year. We couldn't get anything going offensively, we put our defense in tough situations and they were able to score a lot of points quick and we just didn't look like the team we've looked like at least to this point."

Is that surprising considering that there was a lot on the line today?: "Yeah. I think it would be surprising in any circumstance, but we prepared well and I thought we were ready to play. For some reason we just didn't execute well today."

What happened with picking up the pressure?: "Some of the stuff is on me and being able to recognize what they are doing and getting the ball out quicker than I was. I have to look at the film on that and see where we can improve."

What did you see on the first pick in the first quarter?: "We got the look we thought we'd get all week, and the guy made a great play on the ball."

Was that as bad a start as you could possibly imagine?: "It was obviously not the way we wanted to start definitely."

Was there pressure more intense than you thought it might be?: "They played well, they got off the ball, and played hard."

What is your frustration level after a game like this?: "It's hard, like you said there was a lot that we were playing for, there was a chance to still play in a game after the season is over. I know a lot of us thought that we should have been at that point, and we have the talent to be at that point and we just have fallen short to many times this year."

On Another long pass to Jermaine Kearse: "He played a great game. He found ways to get open and made some great catches."

This loss, not getting to a bowl game now, does this kind of drive you in some ways to come back and give it a run next season before you take off?: "Like I told you guys last week, that is something that we've got two games left in the season, its not over, and that's something we'll sit down and look at after the season is over."

Was there any sign that something like this might happen?: "I thought we prepared really well, I thought we were crisp, we were fast, we played hard and we executed pretty well throughout the practice week, so I didn't expect to come out and play like we did.

Are you better prepared to handle the frustration like this than you were last year?: "Definitely. I think we've been through a lot of difficult games and we went through a lot of adversity this year. The great thing about this football team is they come back and keep playing, and I don't expect it to be any different over the next two weeks preparing for Wazzu."
Nick Holt:
What is your frustration level after a game like that?: "Really high, really high. Frustrated at some of the missed opportunities we had where we played some things really nicely and then missed some tackles and allowed them to get some big plays. There was a couple of those runs, one in the 4th quarter and one early in the 2nd quarter that busted. We missed a couple of tackles for no gains, and that is stuff that got out on us. Being able to get a little pressure and then when quarterback is just throwing stuff up that we don't make the play and they do. The TD in the second quarter and in the 4th quarter where we are all over him and he just wings it up there and we can't come up with the play ourselves and those things are just really frustrating. It's happened all year and we've cut them down, but they're still getting us. And we had to play a really, really good defensive game to have a chance against these guys and we just can't afford to make mistakes against good offenses."

Early on it seemed like your defense was playing pretty well: "At times we were really good, we did some really good things."

It looked like you were doing some 3-4 stuff and had guys up and were trying some things to get to him: "The third play of the game, we miss a tackle, the corner comes free and misses the tackle. We got out of the drive, but we have opportunities to make plays and we have got to make our plays and that is being football players. But that could have been a sack, a caused fumble, and some momentum when the offense is struggling early in the game. On defense you've got to rise up and match the other teams defense so you can stay in the game regardless of the field position and we just didn't have field position all day long.

So many of your missed tackles were against the Rodgers brothers: "A couple of them were just routine things, and I don't know if it's because of the Rodgers brothers. They're good players but we just need to do a better job and be focused. We just can't allow ourselves to have that. We are all around the ball. We just have to make our plays, that's just being a good football player."

Just before half time you had them 3rd and 10……: "Again we're pressuring him and he throws it up and we're all over the thing and the guy makes a play and we don't. So, that is what we need to work on. We need to make the plays. We gotta win our one on one battles. And they won more of them today than we did. We're there, Nate Fellner made the play, now get the ball out."

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