UW Way Too Much For Vikings

SEATTLE - In the last night of the Athletes in Action Basketball Classic, senior captain Qunicy Pondexter proved that this is officially his team as he carried the Washington Huskies to a 111-55 victory over the Portland State Vikings.

Setting career highs with 29 points and 13 rebounds, Pondexter did it all as the focal point of the offense. For Head Coach Lorenzo Romar, Pondexter showed why he is the unquestioned leader of the Huskies.

"Quincy is our captain. He played with a lot of energy tonight; I thought he was all over the place," Romar said. "He is really playing some outstanding basketball."

As a team, the Huskies continued to build off Saturday night's 96-78 win over Belmont with high-pressure defense and a methodical offensive approach in which every pass had a meaning. In a night that the Huskies did nearly everything to perfection, Portland State was stuck in a spiral of mediocrity. The only thing the Vikings did well was win the opening tip. In many ways it looked as if the Huskies knew what Portland State was going to do before they did.

The largest point margin on the night actually came with just 1:38 left in the game, when the lead grew to 57. Even as the game became a blow-out in the second half, Washington's players continually dived for loose balls as if it was a close conference game. Romar said it was one of many positive things to take away from this game.

"Pleased with this performance tonight for a number of reasons. Everyone that went into the game played with a high level of intensity. When the spread was so big there was no let up in terms of out intensity as our guys maintained their focus," Romar said.

"When we were up by 50 points there was a loose ball that Scott Suggs dives on the floor for, those are the things that I'm really pleased with tonight. Obviously we did some good things, but those are the things that may suggest that habits are forming, that you play a certain way all the time. That's how you begin to get better."

Also contributing to the Huskies' offensive onslaught was Isaiah Thomas, with 21 points on 8 of 14 shooting from the floor. Venoy Overton also contributed to the cause, playing a very unselfish game as he picked up six assists to go along with his 11 points.

Jamie Jones led Portland State with 14 points, followed by former Washington forward Phil Nelson, who chipped in 13. Nelson was hassled all night by Washington's student section, with chants of 'Phil is angry' and 'Phil is tired'.

The Huskies finished as champions of the Athletes in Action Basketball Classic with a record of 3-0. Wright State was the runner-up, going 2-1 on the weekend.

The All-Tournament team was Todd Brown (Wright State), Troy Tabler (Wright State), Matthew Bryan-Amaning (Washington), Quincy Pondexter (Washington) and Isaiah Thomas (Washington). Pondexter and Thomas finished as co-MVP's of the tournament.

Next up for the Huskies is San Jose State on Friday at 8 p.m. and Montana on November 29th at 6 p.m. Each game will take place at Bank of America Arena.
Points: Pondexter 29, Thomas 21, Overton 11, Holiday 10, Gaddy 9, Bryan-Amaning 8, Trent 8, Gant 6, Suggs 6, Turner 3
Rebounds: Pondexter 13, Bryan-Amaning 7, Thomas 6, Gant 4, Overton 4, Suggs 3, TEAM 3, Gaddy 2, Trent 2, Holiday 2, Turner 1
Assists: Overton 6, Holiday 5, Gaddy 4, Gant 3, Pondexter 3, Turner 2, Thomas 1, Trent 1
Steals: Bryan-Amaning 3, Overton 3, Holiday 2, Pondexter 1, Turner 1
Blocks: Gant 2, Bryan-Amaning 1, Gaddy 1

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