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Welcome to the Apple Cup, a game that used to kind of mean something.

However this year it will feature one of the worst WSU teams in recent memory against a Husky team that has had a disappointing swoon after winning three of their first four games this season. Here is how the staff sees this game unfolding.

Molly Waldron – Intern extraordinaire: We're back at Husky Stadium, thankfully, and I like the confidence the Huskies have when they talk about this game. After a tough losing streak ,UW needs this win and has what it takes to get it. Still, any prediction or spread you see isn't as much an indicator of how good the Huskies are as it is an indicator of just how bad the Cougars are.

Washington 37- WSU 14

Scott Eklund – Recruiting Guru: So here we sit. Another Apple Cup, another game between the two worst teams in the conference. Will this game mean anything outside of the state anytime soon? The Huskies should absolutely crush the Cougars. They have more talent, they are at home and they are better coached. The problem is, when you have rivalry games you have to throw out everything logical and throw emotion into the mix. WSU has a chance to win three-straight Apple Cups for the first time in the history of this rivalry, but I believe that Steve Sarkisian and the rest of his staff, as well as the players, know they need this win and they need it badly. Jake Locker and Chris Polk should have huge days and if the Husky defense is even average they should run away with this game from the first quarter on. If Cougar freshman QB Jeff Tuel plays, Washington State has a chance to keep this thing close for a little while, but eventually the Huskies will pull away and win handily.

Washington 42 - Washington State 13

Chris Fetters – Editor In Chief: I'm going straight chalk on this yawner. Take the points WSU is giving up against what they are scoring and you'll have the result. Haven't been this disinterested in an Apple Cup since the first one I went to when I was seven. Regardless, this game came at a good time for Washington to snap their losing skid. They won't win in remarkable fashion, but they'll win.

Washington 39 – WSU 13

Kim Grinolds – Business Operations: Opening kick off, interception and Jake. It's going to be a rough day for the Cougs. The Dawgs will score early and often . Don't expect Sark to take the foot off the throttle early. Kavario was right.

UW 51 - Those other guys 17

David Samek – Dawgman: Wow, this game looks like a stinker. It is a huge mismatch on paper, but then again, this Husky team has never quite done what people expected them to do this year, beating USC, playing LSU close, but getting destroyed by Stanford and making mediocre UCLA and ASU look fantastic. I think that the extra week of rest for Chris Polk will help his ailing shoulder some, but reality is that he needs surgery again most likely. Still, he should go for over 100 yards and lead the Huskies to a victory. They won't cover the spread but they'll end their losing streak.

Washington 34 – Washington State 24

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