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Washington utterly manhandled Washington State at Husky Stadium on their way to a 30-0 blowout that wasn't as close as the score would indicate. Read on to find out what several of the key players and defensive coordinator Nick Holt had to say after their big Apple Cup win...

WR Jermaine Kearse

On his rough start: "I was just trying to figure out a way to get out of my slump. I was talking to some of my teammates and my teammates were picking me up and everything so we were just trying to figure out a way, Coach Sark was trying to figure out a way to help me out there. I probably was not focused enough in the beginning, and then I just got refocused and went out there and made the best of my opportunities."

On his catch from Jake Locker: "It was a perfect pass, Jake threw a perfect pass, I just stuck my hand out and it just landed in my hands. It was kind of a weird moment I didn't realize the ball was in my hands until it hit them."

On whether last year's Apple Cup was in his mind all week at practice: "I just kind of let last year go. This is a totally different team from last year so I let go of that memory last year and I just try to re-create a new one for this year."

DT Cameron Elisara

On how it feels to win the Apple Cup: "It feels really good. It's always good to beat a rival. To win in a shutout in what was it, the first time in 45 years, that feels really good, it feels really good to be a part of that."

On whether they felt the weight on their shoulders to win this one: "Yeah, and they were going for their third one and I don't think they've ever gotten three in a row. If they'd gotten it today that would've been the first time and we didn't want them to get that on us."

On whether this win will make going home to the east side easier: "Yeah it's going to make it a lot easier. I'll have Husky bragging rights when I go back to my home town."

On whether it will be hard to focus on their last game after winning the Apple Cup: "It's not going to be too strange, we've had it on the schedule the entire time so we know it's coming. We've just got to finish out the year with another win."

On how big winning the last game will be momentum-wise: "It's huge, it's always good to end on a win and carry that momentum in to the off-season and be able to go 5-7 instead of 4-8."

LB Cort Dennison

On their level of energy coming out to play today: "We haven't come out and played like that all year. I thought we had our best week of practice all year this week so it was great for the seniors and to come out and hit them in the mouth like we did, I haven't seen that this whole season. For the Apple Cup of course you get up for games but I'm really proud of how we came out."

On whether they were aware of the Cougar's quarterback situation: "I knew #10 was hurt and we knew the other two were kind of banged up but I had no clue, to be honest, I had no clue who that other guy was that came in."

On what they expected when the Cougars fourth-string QB came in: "We knew they were going to run the ball. I mean, is that kid even a quarterback? So we knew they were going to run the ball and we expected that the whole time. We knew to play to the run because those guys were running the clock out for the first half."

Nick Holt

On the stats and the final result: "Yeah I thought they played really well, I'm really happy for the seniors to play well in their last Apple Cup and leave with a win."

On having Elisara back: "I thought he provided a little quickness for us. I'm sure it helped, he did a nice job. The other guys played really well that have been playing for us I thought, I thought Jason Wells did a nice job- it's always nice to have him back there because he has a nice calming effect with our defense. But I thought everybody played really well, it was just a group effort and they did a nice job."

On Dennison's performance: "Cort has played well all year. For coming in and replacing EJ Savannah, it's too bad EJ didn't get to play in this game but I'm really happy with Cort Dennison, he's going to be a good football player. He showed you tonight what he can do and I'm glad he's coming back for a couple years. He's very smart, very tough, wants to be a great player and he's just one of those guys that gets around the ball, does a nice job."

On the key for them defensively: "Well we had to do a good job of stopping the run and stopping Dwight Tardy, we really respected him and what he can do, he's a really good football player. You never know in these type of games what's going to happen. We knew we'd see some trickery and they did, they executed some nice plays, but when it came down to it we had to stop the run, which we did for the most part, and when we had our opportunities we had to rush the passer which our guys did a good job of, and that's why we played really well."

Chris Polk

On how it feels to get to 1,000: "It feels good, it's something that you don't really ever imagine- something you do on NCAA and Madden when you make a player, but the fact that I did it as a freshman really means something. To make it that much better it was against WSU and at the Apple Cup so it's a pretty good weekend."

On how Jake feels about it: "I hope Jake's alright. No, I know Jake's alright he's not a selfish player, he's a team player. He's not in to individual stats or whatever, he just wants what's best for the team."

On how he's been so successful the last few games: "Just the fact that we have nothing to lose so why not go out there and give 100 percent effort every play, and just prove to you and gain respect from other teams, because we're not playing for a bowl so right now we're just playing for respect from everybody else in the Pac 10."

On his first Apple Cup and how it was different from other games: "No. At first yeah, it was hectic out there, people yapping out the mouth and it's bragging rights for a year so everyone was going to come out and bring their best game but I felt like we did what we wanted to do and we did what we needed to do."

Darrion Jones

On what the locker room was like after the game: "The locker room is amped up, excited because the trophy's back home, the trophy's back in Seattle. Especially for the seniors because we've only won it one time before this so it's a great opportunity for us to have it back and just understand that this was a great game and it's always a great rivalry game, to have bragging rights for the whole year so we'll all have fun today."

On how this was different from other Apple Cups: "I would say the difference was this Apple Cup was the last go around for me so it really meant a lot to me especially because I haven't really played a lot in Apple Cups, I haven't had a lot of plays so for me to come out and start the game and play the whole game really meant a lot to me. Coach Holt allowed me to play the whole game and I left it all out on the field today."

On the significance of getting a shutout: "The shutout is great. Any time you can stop an offense from scoring any points is a great upside for the defense because we know we went out there and we played hard and we executed to the best of our ability so I guess that's the first shutout for the Husky defense in a couple years so that was a great accomplishment for us."

On whether they were aware of WSU's QB situation: "No. Well, we just wanted to play tough hard-nosed defense but I'm going to say hurting somebody was a good thing but I guess it played to our advantage but I wish him the best and I hope he gets better."

Jake Locker

On how the two bye weeks gave him a chance to heal: "Really good. I felt really good today. I felt like I had my legs under me for the first time in a while. I felt normal. I felt like I usually do."

On his TD pass to Kearse: "It was just a deep post, he ran a good route and got inside the guy and I got a chance to throw for the touchdown, just tried to give him some air and some time to get under it and he made a great catch and we were able to get the touchdown. It was part of the progression of the play."

On his chemistry with Kearse: "He does a great job of getting separation and getting in the right position and then it's nice to know that if you don't throw it perfectly every time, your guy has a good chance at coming down with it."

On what his mindset was today: "I saw the field pretty well today. I felt comfortable with what we were doing and what I was seeing defensively and I felt confident."

On coming off a bye week: "I think any time you get an extra week to prepare you're going to get a little sharper than you might normally be, you get an extra three or four practices to hone in on those details."

On whether their loss to OSU was on their mind this week: "I think it was we couldn't do anything about that game, we didn't come out and play the way we know we could and we know we should have and they played a good game and beat us so we have to put it behind us. We knew that we had a big game in the Apple Cup here and I think that's what we were focused on."

On Polk passing his record: "He's well deserving. He's earned every yard he's gotten this year and he just week in and week out carries the run game on his back and it's fun to watch him run. To be able to hand the ball off to him and then watch him break tackles and make guys miss and turn 3 yd gains into 15 yd gains is exciting. As a quarterback you love to be able to have that."

LB Donald Butler

On winning the Apple Cup: "Man it feels so good. We haven't won since my first year when we went down to Pullman and after two years to come back and get a shutout win just can't be described by words."

The difference of being a senior coming into the Apple Cup: "You always want to go out on top when you are a senior and winning this game in a shutout was a great way to cap the season. I know that we have one more game, but this was a great way to go into it."

On the feeling at halftime: "I honestly felt that we should have been up by a little more. The defense was doing a great job, but I thought that the offense wasn't on track like they usually are and because of that we were only up 13 at halftime. Still, we felt that if we could come out on defense and do what we were doing in the first half then we could still pitch a shutout."

On the defense's ability to stop the run: "Really it looked like they had a couple of linemen out and their quarterbacks kept going out of the game so we knew that they were going to be focusing on the run. We made it our goal to shut down the run and make them a one-dimensional offense."

OT Drew Schaefer

On the offense's ability to run the ball: "After halftime we made the adjustment that we really wanted to run the ball. One of our goals was to get both Jake and Chris up over a hundred yards. In the second half we started to roll and they were able to make big plays."

On the differences while preparing for the Apple Cup: "It is a lot more emotional. A lot of people have more family relations and a lot of guys know people who go to WSU so everyone always wants to put on their best performance for this game."

On the crowd: "It was great. The place was rocking it was so loud. They did a great job of making noise and making it hard on WSU when they had the football and I think that gave us an advantage."

WR Devin Aguilar

On the offensive production: "We opened up the passing game which in turn opened up the running game. Then when the running game started rolling then that opened up the passing game again." Top Stories