Trip Report - Hayes Pullard

One of the top linebackers in the country was on Montlake this weekend for his official visit and to say that Crenshaw (Los Angeles) LB Hayes Pullard came away impressed would be an understatement. caught up with the talented defensive prospect and he updated us on things including his time line for making a decision...

Pullard left Seattle early this morning to get back to Los Angeles, but had glowing reviews from his visit to Washington.

"Man, it was just incredible," Pullard told on Sunday night. "I loved my visit there. The coaches were so intense and hyped and the crowd was really loud the whole game even when they were ahead by a lot. They were into it all the way and it was a real impressive thing to see in person."

Pullard has long been considered a heavy UCLA lean, but he said that isn't necessarily the case and that Washington, Notre Dame and Arizona State have made big impressions on him, but there was something different about what the Huskies had to offer.

"Honestly, I was surprised by how much I loved it up there," Pullard said. "Everyone down here, when you tell them you're liking Washington they're like 'they only won three games" and stuff like that.

"But when you get up there and you see the city and how great the school is and you see the support they get from their fans and how hyped the coaches are and the talent they are bringing in, I think people will be surprised by how good they will be down the road and I wouldn't mind being part of that."

Pullard's hosts on his trip were linebackers E.J. Savannah and Mason Foster and he said that both of the upper-classmen showed him what being a Husky is all about.

"E.J. was my host Friday night and he was real cool," Pullard said. "He's from that area so he knows how special that place is and Mason was my host on Saturday. He had a great game and he talked about how I could help make a name for the Husky linebackers if I ended up going there.

"Then I met with coach (Steve) Sarkisian this morning and he said 'straight up, if you want to be a Dawg then we really want you and need you, but if you want to be a Trojan or a Buin then good luck to you'. I liked that because it wasn't high pressure it was just 'we know what we are about and we think you would fit in great with us' and they didn't talk down about those other programs."

So with his third official visit out of the way, Pullard said he may set up a visit this weekend to check out Oregon, but he's unsure of if that will actually happen or not.

"I don't know right now, I might not take any more," Pullard said. "I don't think I will officially visit USC and UCLA because I've seen them so much.

"I haven't decided when I will make my decision. It could be on December 28th at the Offense/Defense Game that I'm playing in or it could be on Signing Day (February 3rd). I'll sit down and talk with my family about it though and we'll make a decision pretty soon on when I will announce it."

We'll continue to keep tabs on Pullard as he nears the end of the decision-making process.

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