Trip Report - Joshua Quezada

When La Habra (Ca.) S/RB Joshua Quezada got ready to head north to visit Washington this past weekend, he said he had already formed high expectations for his trip. After spending 48 hours with the Husky coaches and players he told that he couldn't have had a better time while he was on Montlake and he could be getting close to making his decision...

"They totally exceeded what I expected," Quezada told on Monday night. "It was an amazing trip...amazing. I was blown away by them and it was such a crazy weekend with how short of a time I was up there, but they totally showed me why it's great to be a Husky."

Quezada's host on his visit was freshman DL Andrew Pulu and he said the two bonded well while he was there.

"He's a real cool guy and he's really big," Quezada said. "I can't believe that dude is only 18. I mean, it's amazing the size of the guys once you get to that level."

Because he's such a versatile athlete, Quezada can project at a number of positions, but he said Washington wants him as a hard-hitting safety in the Troy Polamalu mold.

"They want me at safety and coach (Nick) Holt and I talked a lot about what it is they see in me," Quezada said. "I mean, with my hair they said I looked like (Polamalu) running around and hitting people and that's really high flattery because he's such a great player.

"I also talked with the running backs coach too, but safety is where I'd play if I went there."

Quezada said the highlight of his trip was the team getting pumped up after their pregame meal.

"The coaches and the players all got fired up, it was pretty intense," Quezada said. "I loved every bit of my trip and Washington is right at the top for me, but I'm not ready to make my decision yet."

Quezada said he expects to visit either Fresno State or Arizona within the next two weeks and then could have a decision before the holidays.

"I want to decide before then, but I'm not holding myself to that or anything," Quezada said. "I'll take my next visit and then I will probably be ready to decide."

We'll continue to keep track of things and update things as Quezada gets closer to making his decision known.

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