Trip Report - Taz Stevenson

Mililani (Hi.) S Taz Stevenson was an important commitment for the University of Washington. First off, He plays a position of need and secondly, he's friends with another Hawaiian -- Waialua OL Micah Hatchie -- that the Huskies are after and while both were on Montlake this weekend he ever so gently tried to nudge his buddy in the direction of the Dawgs...

"It was a really good visit," Stevenson told Monday night. "I mean, I was already committed so I already had a really good comfort level with the staff and all that, but getting to meet the players and being hosted by Justin Glenn really helped me get to know what it was like to be a player there and how important the football program is to that university."

Stevenson said there wasn't just one highlight, because he loved it all.

"The game was hyped, the fans were crazy, the players and coaches were great, I loved the whole thing," Stevenson admitted. "I spent a lot of time with (Hatchie) and we talked a lot. I know his parents loved it and I think he's leaning to U-Dub right now, but I'm not sure when he'll make his decision."

Stevenson said Washington wants him as a ball-hawking safety in the deep middle and his meeting with safeties coach Jeff Mills and corners coach Demetrice Martin went a long way in showing him how they want to use him.

"They want their DBs to be a playmakers," Stevenson said. "They want them to make plays on the ball and to be intimidators back there so that's where they want me and I feel like I can come in and challenge for time right away."

Stevenson will spend the holidays with his family, but not before he takes part in the All-Poly vs. All-Mainland game in mid-December that will be held at Aloha Stadium.

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