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The difference between 4-8 and 5-7 is huge when you are rebuilding from the ashes of an 0-12 season. Washington has the opportunity to achieve 5 wins with an upset victory over the visiting Golden Bears on Saturday afternoon. Here is what the staff thinks will happen.

Scott Eklund – Recruiting Guru: Without Jahvid Best, Washington stands a good chance of at least keeping this game close, but I just think Cal has too much speed and talent for the Dawgs to overcome. The only hope they have is for Jake Locker to be on the entire game and for RB Chris Polk to have a big day, keeping Cal's talented offense off the field.

California 34 - Washington 20

Kim Grinolds – Business Operations: Which team is going to show up, the one who got annihilated by Stanford and Oregon, or the one who beat USC and went toe to toe with LSU? I think it will probably be somewhere in between those two. Look for Jake to have a huge game both passing and running the ball. Chris Polk will go out with a bang as well. At the end of the day, it just won't be enough. I'm predicting Cal in a close one.

California 31 - UW 27

Aaron Beach – Hoops Guru: At the start of the season, four wins sounded pretty good. I don't think they've got the horses to pull off a fifth. Cal wins in a blowout.

California 42 – UW 17

Molly Waldron – Intern Extraordinaire: With or without Best I think Cal has the weapons in all aspects of the game to get the win over Washington. The home field advantage will factor in for the Huskies, as it always does, and I expect it to stay close the first half before Cal takes over and gets an edge in the second half.

California 27 – UW 17

Chris Fetters – Editor In Chief: I know a lot is being made of Jahvid Best not playing Saturday against Washington, but Shane Vereen will pick up the slack. The real question is Cal QB Kevin Riley. If the UW defensive front can get to Riley and cause him some troubles, the Huskies might be able to stay in it. Offensively, it's going to be interesting to see how Steve Sarkisian attacks Cal's 3-4 front, one he admitted to seeing only one other time in the last couple of years. Can Chris Polk find holes against and active Cal LB corps? Can Jake Locker make all the right decisions when on the run? I know the Huskies will be motivated to finish the season off right, and that will be enough to keep it closer than most might think - but the Bears are simply playing too well right now to let UW pull the upset.

California 28 – UW 21

David Samek – Dawgman: Washington won on Saturday partially because WSU is terrible, but also partly because the Husky front 4 on defense was able to pressure the quarterback straight up. No gimmicks, just a base defense putting pressure man-on-man. Can they do this against California? Believe it or not, I think this group can. They looked like they had a lot of confidence on Saturday, and the secondary is getting tighter and tighter with Trufant and Long getting most of the reps. I will take Jake over Kevin Riley any day. Now Chris Polk needs to have one last big game. Does he have it in him? Yes. Can Jermain Kearse come up with the big catches when called upon? Yes.

Washington 31 – California 27

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