Player Quotes - California

Washington's thrashing of Cal at home to close out the 2009 season was just what the doctor ordered for the Husky football team. Several players and defensive coordinator Nick Holt gave their thoughts to the media as they prepared to enter the offseason on a high note...

LB Mason Foster

On this week's preparation and practice "We just knew that guys were going to be leaving out team after today and everyone wants to leave on top. We wanted to show everyone what we could do and the seniors wanted to end their career on top so everyone was was practicing as hard as they could."

One sending a message to the Pac 10: "I think we showed that we can play through anything. We had a couple of tough losses this season, but we showed that we can bounce back and still win games."

On containing Cal's offense: "Everybody did their job and made plays when they needed to make plays. I thought that Donald (Butler) and Daniel (Te'o-Nesheim) had great games and that is what pushed us over the top."

WR James Johnson

On what he's learned from the seniors: "I think that one thing I learned most from the seniors is that me being a freshman I have to learn to go out there and be consistent on every down. Donald Butler, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, Ben Ossai, those guys are consistent every game. I loved all the guys that left and we learned a lot from them. I am going to miss all of those guys dearly."

On the message the team sent with this win: "I think a lot of teams are going to have to respect us more next year. Other teams aren't going to go into a game and just expect to win. They are going to know we are going to fight every second of the game to win. I think that is what we showed the rest of the Pac 10 this season."

On the success of the passing game: "I think we just executed. This was one of the few games that we just executed every play and finished the game. It wasn't just our offense, it was the offense, defense and special teams. We executed and finished the game today."

FB Paul Homer

How it feels to go out with this kind of game: "It feels awesome. It's just cool. That's all I can explain it as, it's just cool. Just seeing the fans so excited and the players just wanted to play for us and the younger guys, to see them wanting to do it for us is the greatest feeling ever."

On whether the program is going to continue to improve: "Yeah definitely. It's obvious, it shows. We had a lot of close games against some good teams and we beat a few real good teams and this team's just going to learn to win and get better at winning and this program's going in a great direction."

LB Cort Dennison

Thoughts on the improvement since last year: "It's great to end on a note like this and send our seniors out like this. To be on the rise, to win like we did, it just shows all the improvement we've made and I'm really happy with what we did.

On whether he'll say anything to Locker about his decision: "No I'll let Jake do what he wants to do. I have all the confidence in the world that he'll make the right decision so I'll just leave that up to him. I've got to get myself better during this off season, I'm ready to go, I'm looking forward to BYU already."

LB Donald Butler Thoughts on improvement: "Definitely, I think we really sent a message tonight with how we came out tonight. Just setting this UW Husky program up for big things and sending the seniors out in a big way."

On how important it was personally for him to finish strong: "It just feels good. I'm all smiles and it's amazing, to come out here, coming off an 0-12 season with a new coaching staff and play the way we played this season just felt really good."

On what he said in his speech in the locker room: "I really just thanked the coaches for everything they've done for us and hats off to these young guys who helped the seniors leave on a good note and just ‘I bleed purple and gold ‘til I die.'"

WR Jermaine Kearse

On how sharp Jake was tonight: "All the balls he threw to me, they were great. The balls were right there and he gave me a chance for every single one of them. He did a tremendous job."

On whether it was part of the game plan to throw to him so many times in the first quarter: "We had certain plays, that was part of the game plan, we were just able to do it."

On the crowd chanting "one more year" for Jake: "Yeah I heard that. I thought it was funny. I knew he heard it too and he was just trying to focus on the game and not the crowd."

On how good the offense could be if Jake comes back: "I think the sky's the limit for our offense. We have some good backup quarterbacks and I'm not too worried about it. We're going to get better in the offseason."

On the last two games: "We wanted to finish the season strong and that was a key point that the coaches made all week long, just finish strong and we wanted to win this one for the seniors and end this on a good note."

Cody Bruns

On what they've been saying to Jake to get him back: "It really hasn't come up. We just tried to focus on Cal and the remaining games on our schedule. Jake's going to make his decision. We'll let it wind down a little bit and maybe try to get at him next week."

On what this year's been like for him: "Yeah it's been a lot of growth I think as far as just trying to get better. We've got a lot of good young guys, a good receiving core, and I'm just trying to do my part."

QB Jake Locker

On his decision that lies ahead: "The next step is making a plan. I have no idea how this process works. I don't know deadlines, I don't know dates, I don't know any of that kind of stuff, so now that we've finished up the season, that'll be something that I'll sit down and come up with a plan and sit down with my family and coaches and do everything I can to make an educated decision."

On him looking at what this offense could be and whether it factors into his decision: "Like I said there's going to be a lot of things that go into this decision and obviously the direction this football team's headed in and the possibilities for this team is going to be something that definitely weighs in." On whether he'll take a break to relax: "Oh yeah I'll definitely take a few days to kind of enjoy this and have a couple days to myself then start worrying about it."

On the crowd chanting: "I obviously appreciate it and they've always been great to me since I've been here and I'm very honored that they show that kind of respect for me."

On his accuracy today: "I felt really good throwing the ball today and we had a great game plan. We executed really well, we ran really good routes, we were able to establish a running game so our play action stuff was there and I just felt that everything was working well today and we executed really well and I think feeling comfortable in your accuracy is a part of that."

On Kearse: "He's a great football player. Even when he appears covered I've learned in the last part of the season that he's not…just give him a chance and put the ball in his vicinity and he'll go get it…he stepped up…he's only a sophomore and he's got a lot of football left in front of him."

On whether he'd be okay leaving UW without a bowl game experience: "That will be considered in my decision, definitely. That's a memory and experience that I think I'd be lying to you if I told you that's not something I want to experience. So yeah, like I said all those things will be a part of that decision."

On how much baseball comes into the decision: "That's just all, like I said, a lot of things…I hadn't really thought about that. I wasn't going to think about that until just now so I don't really know."

On whether he'll take the full time until the draft deadline to decide: "I don't know, like I said when I feel comfortable with the decision, I'll make it."

On his comfort level in this offense: "I feel really good in this offense. But I feel that no matter how many years you spend in this system, in an offense, you always have room to improve and you always have room to get better. You grow from every game, every practice, every snap you take and you carry it with you and that's what I look forward to doing."

On how much different he is as a QB this year: "I think that my understanding of and expectations in this offense is different."

On ending with a win against a good football team: "That was a great game. We did what we wanted to on offense. We came out and played the way we wanted to on offense, we came out and played the way we wanted to on defense, for the most part on special teams. We performed the way we knew we could all year. I think it couldn't have been more fitting to kind of bring everything together in the way we did this week. I thought this was, execution wise, how physical we played, I think that was probably our best game of the year. To end on that note, just says a lot about this coaching staff and how this football team has bought in to what they're teaching us."

DC Nick Holt On younger guys stepping up: "I think all of them played really well today, really solid game. Adam I thought played better than he did the last couple weeks, really confident, had a nice game, Desmond played really well, Thompson played really well, they all did a nice job and the seniors played really well obviously."

On Daniel Te'o-Nesheim getting the record: "As all you guys know he's such a great football player. Getting that record, I didn't realize all that but he deserves it. He's battled for four or five years here and he had a fantastic game. The last month here he's really played well."

On the seniors: "(Te'o-Nesheim) and Donald and Jason Wells and Cort, some of those guys, they just believed and they got better every week and went through adversity and I'm just really happy for those guys. They obviously didn't make it to a bowl game but they played really well down the stretch. Top Stories