Trip Report - Brent Williams

He was one of the two committed players on their official visits this weekend to take in Washington's final game of the 2009 season and from the sounds of it, the trip couldn't have gone better for Taft (Woodland Hills, Ca.) LB/DE Brent Williams. caught up with the talented pass-rusher and he updated us on things including what the highlight of his visit was...

"It was a great time," Williams told as he waited for his flight to take off. "I'd say the highlight was just the setting, the scenery and how amazing it was to be on the field.

"The fans were really into the game and it was loud. It wasn't even that full up and it was really loud so I can just imagine what it will be like when it gets full all the time."

Williams' former Taft teammate Craig Noble was his host on Friday night and then on Saturday, freshman QB Keith Price took over.

"It was cool catching up with Craig a little," Williams said. "He said he really misses football a lot, but he's going to stay up there because he likes it so much.

"Keith and I just talked a little bit about things and what it was like being a freshman there. He's really cool and getting to know him was pretty fun. It was all fun. I had a great time."

Price said when he sat down and talked with defensive coordinator Nick Holt and head coach Steve Sarkisian they talked about his role once he becomes a Husky and what weight they want him to show up at.

"I'm going to play the 'LEO' position for them so I'll play some linebacker and some defensive end," Williams said. "I'll probably play a lot with my hand down, but they like my versatility and my athleticism, so they said there isn't one specific way they will use me because they want me to do it all."

Williams said he has no plans to play in any All-Star games and will not play any other sports.

"I'm supposed to show up there at 210 pounds, which is my playing weight," Williams said. "After I get up there and into their program I will probably end up playing at about 220 next year."

Williams also had a parting shot for Husky fans as he concluded the interview saying, "Go Dawgs!" before he hung up.

We'll check back in with Williams over the next few months and update his progress in the weight room.

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