Trip Report - Fred Thompson

Oakland Tech DT Fred Thompson visited Washington this weekend and was so impressed with what he saw that he may only take one more visit before he makes his decision. spoke with Thompson and he updated us on things including what impressed him most about his visit to Seattle...

"It was a really great visit," Thompson told before he sat down to dinner with his family. "The game was a great game and the fans were hyped. I got to go up with my friend DiAndre Campbell and I got to kick it with all of the recruits that were up there so we all sorta bonded."

While Thompson said he enjoyed getting the skinny on Washington from his host, freshman LB Tim Tucker, the talented defensive tackle admitted it was his best friend and teammate as well as the other Husky commit up for an official visit that made the trip fun.

"Diandre and I, we're like brothers," Thompson said. "We're real tight and we're not just friends on the field, we're best friends off it too.

"He and Brent Williams were really working on me, but it wasn't high-pressure. They were just like 'come on man, go home and make your commitment to U-Dub'. They know I was real high on Washington before, but now, it's going to be tough to beat."

Trying to beat the Washington visit will be Oregon State next weekend and after that, Thompson said he may have enough information to make his decision.

"I'm definitely visiting Oregon State next weekend and then I'm not sure," Thompson said. "I was supposed to go to Washington State, but that's really on hold right now. I'll take this Oregon State visit and then think about things. I know Washington State really wants me to come up on my visit, but after OSU, I might be ready to make my decision."

We'll check back with Thompson next week after his visit to Corvalis to find out where he stands in the decision-making process.

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