Chol Taking His Time

Last summer, San Diego Hoover's Angelo Chol mentioned that Washington led for his services. caught up with the junior big man for the latest on his recruitment.

Ever since he burst onto the scene as a high school freshman, San Diego (Calif.) Hoover big man Angelo Chol has been generating lots of attention. Now a junior, Chol finds himself being recruited by some of the nation's finest programs. He's also found out that there's a lot more that goes into picking a school than he ever though.

Actually, one of the toughest things for Chol has been dealing with how he's going to tell the teams he doesn't choose that he's not coming.

"Oh my gosh, you don't know. I do not want to let anybody down," said Chol of eventually having to tell somebody no. "I've become friends with many of these coaches now so it's like I don't want to let them down. I'd feel real bad if I let somebody down."

Worries about eventually letting somebody down hasn't slowed down Chol's progress on the floor. He's working hard to change the evaluation that he's raw offensively and has been putting in a ton of time working on his offense. His jump hook is solid, he uses the glass and he can now step out and make some medium range jumpers thanks to being a self described gym rat.

"I actually get mad on those days when I can't get in the gym," said Chol. "I'll be mad all day about not getting in the gym because I feel like there's always somebody working to be better."

Recruited by programs from coast to coast, Chol named Washington his leader during an interview last summer. For now, the lefty has backed off of his statements a bit.

"I had talked to the coach so much that I liked them," Chol told "My high school coach had a talk with me though and explained that I need to explore my options. I thought about it and thought that he was right and that I better explore my options."

Although he doesn't list the Huskies has his leader, there's no doubt that he's still very interested in Lorenzo ROmar's program.

"I like Washington still," said Chol. "Without a doubt I would feel comfortable going there. I like Coach Romar. He's a good person, I feel like I can trust him."

For now, Chol says he's taking his time and being cautious as he figures out the ins and outs of recruiting. He's not planning to make a decision for a while and is gathering as much information on the teams recruiting him as possible.

"I'm watching a lot of college games right now. I just watch how teams play and how their systems work," said Chol. "I want the coaching staff to be true to the word. I don't want them to just say anything and then when I get there they don't mean it. That's the hardest thing to figure out." Top Stories