Young prepares for the next step

Auburn (Wa.) RB/DB Chris Young committed early on in the recruiting process to Washington and since then it's been a concern for those who follow Husky recruiting whether he would qualify or not. Couple that with a suspension that caused him to miss the final four games of the season and you have the perfect storm for recruiting drama...

"Things have been going good since our season ended," Young told wishing not to discuss his suspension for what was reported as an alcohol-related incident during Auburn's homecoming dance. "I missed the last few games of the season and then the first few practices of wrestling while I was dealing with (the suspension), but I've made that up and only had to miss the first couple wrestling matches."

Young wrestles in the 215-pounds class, but said he's a lean 208 pounds and recently squatted 465 pounds.

The talented defensive back and running back has been in constant contact with Washington since he committed last March and let it be known that no matter who offered him, he wasn't interested.

"I'm a Washington guy," Young said. "The weather might be crappy, it might be cold, but it's home to me and there's nothing I would rather do than play football for Washington and be a Husky."

That's easier said than done however. Young admits he didn't take school seriously during his freshman year and is now working overtime to get his grade-point where it needs to be while also prepping for his first take of the SAT next month.

"I'm taking on-line courses and I'm doing the SAT prep course," Young said. "I've been working real closely with my advisers and making sure I get the classes that I need to take and do what I need to do.

"I'm doing pretty well, but I have a lot of work left to do so I'm just taking it one step at a time."

Young spoke with the Husky coaches recently and he said they surprised him a little.

"Actually, they told me my first look is going to be at running back," Young said.

It's understandable the Husky coaching staff would give him a look there since Young posted outstanding numbers on that side of the ball as a senior. He racked up 1,108 yards on 77 carries for a robust 14.4 yard per carry average and scored 22 touchdowns and put up the single-biggest day ever for an Auburn running back when he totaled 284 yards and six touchdowns against rival Auburn Riverside the night before his off-field incident.

"They told me they want to look at me at running back and then if that doesn't work out then I can always move to linebacker," Young said. "I'll play whatever and wherever they want me to play, but there's something about defense that always pulls me back. I just love hitting and being physical. I can do it on offense or on defense, it really doesn't matter that much to me in the long run."

With his position still in the works and the possibility of being a late-qualifier, the question had to be asked - if he doesn't qualify before the start of the 2010 season does he head to a JC?

"My dad and I spoke about that actually," Young said. "We basically came to the conclusion that D-1 is where it's at so I'm going to put everything I have into qualifying on time and if I have to keep working at it I will.

"My dad said that I only get one chance to do this in my life, so I'd better enjoy it and also make sure I take care of the things I need to take care of."

Young will join future Husky teammates Erik Kohler and Darius Waters in the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl being played in Florida on January 2nd.

We'll continue to keep track of Young's progress as he does his best to qualify and we'll update news as it happens.

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