2011 Spotlight: Auburn OL/DL Danny Shelton

Next year, the state of Washington has plenty of top prospects to keep an eye on and one of the biggest promises to be Auburn DT/OG Danny Shelton, a 6-3, 298 pound menace who received All-State honors on both sides of the ball following his junior year. Dawgman.com caught up with the talented two-way lineman and he updated us on things including where recruiting stands this early in the process...

Shelton, the fourth of five children, is an outstanding student, posting a 3.5, but he said that isn't something that came easy for him.

"Basically I just listen in class and do my work," Shelton told Dawgman.com earlier this week. "School isn't easy for me, but it isn't hard either. I just work at it and I do the best I can in the classroom."

One thing that has seemed to come easy for the talented two-way lineman is football and he's excelled on the field as well as in the weight-room.

"I have a 405 pound bench press and a 575 pound squat," Shelton said. "One thing I worked on this summer was my flexibility and my footwork and being quicker.

"I ran a 5.3 forty the last time we were timed, but I want to get that down."

Recruiting hasn't really hit a fever-pitch at this point, but schools from across the country have been calling and letting him know they have him at or near the top of their recruiting lists.

"I'm hearing from schools from the SEC, Big 12, Big 10 and pretty much all of the Pac 10 right now," Shelton said. "Right now, my top five is LSU, Alabama, California, Oregon and Washington, but I'm not in any sort of a hurry. I want to take visits and see schools up close before I make a decision and at this point I don't have any offers yet so it's something that I won't do really quick."

Shelton has practically lived at Washington this fall, accompanying his friend, Husky-commit Chris Young, to both practices and games and he said the Huskies seem the closest to offering him.

"I really have gotten to know all the coaches up at U-Dub really well," Shelton said. "Coach (Johnny) Nansen is a real cool guy and when I was there for the lineman camp last summer, he spent a lot of time with me working on technique and stuff like that.

"I really enjoy the staff and I had a lot of fun this year being up there. The highlight was probably when they beat USC. That place was going to crazy and I was in a boot so I had to limp down the steps and then around the field, but being on the field with the rest of the players and the students was a blast.

"The staff was just going crazy and so were the players. It was a big moment for them and I think it shows they are coming back and becoming a program to contend with down the road."

The reason Shelton's right foot was in a boot was due to a sprained foot suffered in the second game of the season, causing him to miss the next two weeks of action. He still managed to post 55 tackles and two sacks for the Trojans, but said he thinks sitting out like he did helped him realize some things.

"I was showing my teammates, mainly the younger guys, what the coaches were asking them to do and coaching them up," Shelton said. "It gave me a different view of things and showed me how hard of a job coaching is and that helped me realize some things I needed to do as a player when I got back out there."

Shelton plans to wrestle this year, but currently is only practicing with the team while he works hard to get his weight down to 285 pounds.

"I feel like I can do it, definitely," Shelton said when asked about shedding 13 pounds. "I've been doing a ton of cardio and just working out with the team. Wrestling is really hard and it wears you out, so I should be able to get it done.

"It really helps me with my balance and leverage. I love it actually and this is the first time I've done it."

We'll keep track of Shelton's progress over the coming weeks and months, but he said he plans to take unofficial visits to all the schools he's looking at and will hit the camp circuit this summer as well.

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