Neuheisel admits to interview

After coming out earlier in the week denying he had interviewed with the San Francisco 49'ers, Washington head coach Rick Neuheisel admitted to both the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Seattle Times Wednesday night that he did interview and was trying to uphold a confidentiality agreement.

The news first came out with his statement to the P-I late Wednesday night. "When you originally asked me, I denied any involvement," Neuheisel said to John Levesque, the reporter that initially broke the report of Neuheisel's interview with the 49'ers. "I did so based on an agreement of confidentiality with the 49ers.

"I replied I had not had any contact with them when in reality I had, and I regret that a great deal. At the request of the 49ers I had traveled to San Francisco on Sunday and met with (general manager) Terry Donahue, (owner) John York and (consultant) Bill Walsh. I feel badly that I've misled anyone. I was only trying to keep the confidentiality I had agreed to, but in the past couple of days that confidentiality agreement weighed against my character and my credibility. I made the decision that I need to set the record straight."

In an interview with Blaine Newnham of the Seattle Times, Neuheisel expressed regret for the way events transpired. "I don't want people to think that Washington is a steppingstone for me," he said. "I am very fortunate to be the coach here and am very excited about next season.

"I'm sorry all this happened." Top Stories