Romar: There's nothing wrong with being cocky

Following Washington's loss to Oregon on Saturday, Quincy Pondexter confessed that the team has been too cocky this season, and it's hurting them. UW Head Coach Lorenzo Romar addressed his comments in his weekly press conference Tuesday and defended the Dawgs' borderline-level confidence.

"At times we need to understand that we need to get it done," Romar said. "Not just talk about it, but get it done.

"I don't know of any successful player that isn't cocky," he continued, pointing to the 2005 Husky Basketball team with Will Conroy and Nate Robinson, in particular as the 'cockiest-ever' team. He added that professional athletes in any sport have to be cocky to be successful. Pertaining to the Huskies, he said going out on the court "thinking you're the baddest and best out there" is important to winning.

Romar conceded that a level of humility is important, but most necessary is executing upon confident beliefs in the abilities of players and their teams.

Pondexter again addressed the issue, hesitantly backtracking on his previous statement over the weekend.

"I really don't think we're cocky like that. We're just young guys that want to play and have fun," Pondexter said.

Regardless, the Huskies have a road matchup to focus on coming up this Friday night at Arizona State University. They will be facing an 0-2 team hungry for their first conference win. Washington is winless on the road this season and coming off their first home loss in 19 games.

"We need to go out to the desert and rebound from a split this weekend," Romar said.

Exactly how? Coach Romar declared the team needs to focus on playing a complete 40 minutes, executing game plans, and sharing the ball. All in all, he said they need to focus on doing the things they do well more consistently.

The Huskies have been challenged by relentless outside shooters this season, but perhaps nothing tougher than what's coming on Friday. Arizona State leads the conference in three-pointers made per game (8.4). Sun Devil Rihards Kuksiks had eight three-pointers against UCSB last month, tied for the most made in a game by a Pac-10 player this season. Ty Abbott and Derek Glasser are also dangerous perimeter scoring threats.

Pondexter is a good friend of Glasser's since the two played AAU basketball in middle school, and he greatly admires Glasser's game.

Coach Romar acknowledged the rift that took place between Glasser and Venoy Overton last season.

"In their heads it's not over. But when they get on the court it will just be competitive," Romar said. "I'm sure they both have respect for each other."

Whether the Huskies can keep focused on executing this weekend, without conflict on the court, could be influenced by how they respond to accusations that they've become too cocky this season. With the support of Romar on their side, Friday will show what kind of fight the Huskies put up.
Additional Notes:
Romar briefly addressed the issues facing the USC basketball team this week, saying that USC is an experienced team and looked like they could have represented the Pac 10 in a positive light this year, but "they'll bounce back."

Romar was also asked how many losses a team in the Pac 10 can have in conference play and still hope to contend for the championship. He said he sees it around three or four, maybe five losses.

Scott Suggs and assistant coach Jim Shaw are fully recovered from the illnesses they suffered this weekend. Romar said it wasn't food poisoning, but he didn't know what caused their sickness. Suggs played on Saturday after sitting out Thursday and Shaw is back at work Tuesday for practice.

Everyone else on the team is healthy as well going into Tuesday's workout. Top Stories