Schwab keeps his options open

To say that Palomar OT Brice Schwab's phone has been ringing off the hook would be an understatement. Even before Pete Carroll took the head coaching job with the Seattle Seahawks, the talented JUCO offensive lineman's phone was lit up daily by schools hoping to sway him their way, but after he decommitted from USC the flood gates opened and now he's got several schools as his top suitors...

"I was on the plane to get ready to come out and transfer (to USC) and enroll on Monday, but as soon as I got off the plane, my phone blew up with people asking me what was going on and a little later I found out it was that (Carroll) left," Schwab told Tuesday afternoon. "I was over recruiting. I shut recruiting down completely when I committed to USC and I was all ready to go and then this happened and now my phone is just constantly ringing."

Schwab has long been considered one of the top JUCO players available for the 2010 recruiting class and had offers from schools across the country. He prepped in Pennsylvania and moved west due to the competition-level of the California JUCO system.

"I was a non-qualifier and I was going to go D-2, but after talking things over and seeing Palomar I decided to come out to California to compete against the best," Schwab said last summer. "I feel like I run-block better than anything right now. When you're out there and it's a running play, it's head-to-head and 'survival of the fittest' and I just love being aggressive and winning those battles.

"What I'm really working hard on right now is my pass-blocking. I think I'm alright at it, but I want to be a lot better at it, so I've been doing a lot of squats, a lot of speed drills and footwork drills and then agility stuff."

Because of his 6-8, 320-pound frame and outstanding athleticism and strength, Schwab said several schools have really picked up the pace now that he's back on the market and he talked about a few of them.

"Oklahoma, Florida State, Washington has contacted me but I haven't given them a call back yet, but I know they are definitely interested in me because they've been talking to my coaches a lot about me," Schwab said. "Arizona State, Clemson, UCLA and to be honest they are all really heavy right now.

"I haven't scheduled any visits yet. I'm trying to be as open as possible at the moment. I'm waiting to see who is going to offer me and what their school has to offer. I need to do some homework before I set up some official visits and figure out which schools interest me and which ones don't."

Schwab said he was waiting on one of his grades to post before he could be admitted to USC, but it appeared to be more of a formality than anything.

He'll now focus on recruiting for the next three weeks and said he'd be able to enroll in March at a program that is on the quarter system.

**It is worth noting that we spoke with Schwab about an hour before USC hired Lane Kiffin, so at this point it remains to be seen if he would be open to re-committing to the Trojans.

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