Huskies Back to Square One

After a great start to the season, the Washington Huskies have been reeling as of late, with three straight losses to Oregon, Arizona State and Arizona. Earlier in the season there were signs that a drop in play could happen, with less than impressive performances against Texas Tech and Georgetown, but no one could have guessed the struggles the Huskies are going through right now.

Now 10-5 and 1-3 in league, good enough for last place in the Pac-10, the Huskies have seemingly lost all confidence and are looking to find themselves. Husky Head Coach Lorenzo Romar said they need to regain what they have lost in nearly every phase of the game.

"On the defensive end there is a certain philosophy that we have used and right now we have not executed that philosophy on offense or defense right now," Romar said. "Just the way we are playing. We talked about the backboards; I don't remember the last time we got out-rebounded like that over a several game span. So there are just several areas where we are not playing Husky basketball."

The defensive struggles are something that Romar said he can date back to just after the players got back from the holidays with their families.

"We are not defending the way we were earlier," Romar said. "When we played Portland and Texas A&M, I thought our team was really developing an identity on boards and a physical defensive mindset. When we came back from Christmas break, it wasn't at that level that it was at before. What happened? Who knows what happened, but it's something that we are addressing now trying to get back."

Although he has been telling his players since the start of the season that they can't just show up and win, Romar said that he believes they are finally starting to see that now.

"It seems to me that after the Arizona trip, I think we're at this point where we realize we've got to bring it every time we play," Romar said. "Every possession. We can't just show up and win games, do well. It's something that we've tried to communicate to our team from day one. If we don't go out and really go after it, not only will we not do well, but we'll look bad. I think our team maybe realizes that a little more after this weekend."

On the Justin Holiday front, Romar said that it was a minor technicality and that he will be eligible for the games this week. The junior forward did not travel for the Arizona games.

"We expect him back this week," Romar said. "Just an eligibility issue that academically just didn't get resolved. He is not in any academic trouble. It's just that rules change from time to time, and like I said he should be back (on Thursday). It's just a technicality from one (quarter) to the next that has to get resolved."

Despite all of the negatives that came out of the games this past week, Romar did say that he was very impressed with his young point guard, Abdul Gaddy. The freshman from Tacoma had his biggest offensive output against Arizona, a team he would have played for if it hadn't been for the retirement of legendary coach Lute Olson. Gaddy came in with a high ranking, but has struggled to match expectations.

"First of all he is going to be 18 in a few days, so we can't say 17 anymore," Romar said. "He handled that about as well as a 17-year old could. You go on the road into a hostile environment and they are booing you every time you touch the ball and your team isn't doing well and yet he maintained his composure for 32 minutes while he was out there. I thought he did a fantastic job." Top Stories