Recruiting Still Dominates Sark's Attention

Now that all the dust has settled with speculation related to the Seattle Seahawks, it is important for Husky fans to realize that Steve Sarkisian's primary concern is still recruiting, and always has been.

It is that time of year and Coach Sarkisian has been daily working the recruiting trail doing home visits and greeting high school coaches up and down the coast. He is the Husky coach and I believe he will be so for quite some time. The bond he has created with this team and their leader, Jake Locker, will keep him at Washington. (That, and some more of Scott Woodward's money, of course)

The sudden firing of Jim Mora has had quite the ripple effect and Coach Sarkisian's name was right in the middle of all the talk. The kind of money being rumored makes it hard to believe that that he wouldn't listen to every opportunity but he has already decided to make it work here at Washington, and I don't think it that hard a decision. His whole staff is returning and they are likewise committed to his process.

Believe it or not, the Huskies are not finished in recruiting. Even though they already have 26 commitments they are bringing in as many as 18 kids this coming weekend and many of those are still uncommitted. Some of those prospects are also being recruited by USC, and if everything works right then the Huskies could possibly go to 30 signees before it's all over the 3rd of February, the first day of the signing period.

Now most of those visiting are already committed, but those kids will be working the others with the hopes of putting the final touches on one of the greatest recruiting classes in the history of the school. If Sarkisian and his staff can pull this off and hold on to those they already have while adding three or four more, then look out.

Considering I worked with coach Mora my first year with the Huskies, I have always considered him a friend and was saddened by his firing. Justified or not it has happened, and coach Pete Carroll leaving USC makes sense because the hammer is about to fall on Trojan football, just like it did on Trojan basketball. At least it should.

Isn't it interesting that Mike Leach and Jim Mora were two of the leading candidates to get or be offered the Husky coaching position when Tyrone Willingham finally got fired? Steve Sarkisian was a bit of a surprise but was obviously an excellent choice.

Consider this, when Sarkisian said that UW is his "dream job" he endeared himself to Husky fans forever. He's become the John Fiala of Husky coaching. Most of you know John turned down a Trojan scholarship to be a walk-on linebacker for the Huskies. Coach Sark could get a no-cut out of this deal and still have only won five games.

He knows Washington football and he knows what a great program we have had here. He learned first hand as a player how special the football environment in Husky Stadium is. He has been selling it, rebuilding it, and totally reenergizing it. Now if he can only get rid of teams like Nebraska on the schedule he might even win it all. I hope he stays as long as he wants to and ends up like Don James or Jim Owens, both of whom were here for 18 years. That's how you win in college football. Top Stories