Dead Period Doesn't Slow Huskies

The National Football Coaches Association just finished conducting their annual convention and that meant another dead period in recruiting. There can be no face to face contacts between colleges and perspective recruits in the sport of football. Phone calls are restricted back to one per week and even it a kid comes on your campus you can't meet with them.

Almost all of the Husky coaches attended the convention but that doesn't mean recruiting is on the back burner. Quite the contrary, the Huskies just kicked off their biggest recruiting weekend of the whole year Friday once the quiet period opened back up. During quiet periods, coaches are allowed to host recruits at UW.

They will host as many as 15 prospective-student athletes, and could even add a couple more. Twelve are already committed and the other three are still undecided. As most of you know, the Huskies are currently sitting on 26 commitments, so they are technically full from the recruiting numbers standpoint. They will obviously keep running after really special kids and I think will end up taking a few more coming down the stretch.

With the NCAA overall limit of 85 and an initial limit of 25, the Huskies will need to get creative counting players forward and backward. One of their committed kids has already graduated early from high school and is enrolled - Deontae Cooper. He will be counted back on last year's initial numbers because the Huskies only used about half of their 25 available numbers. I think there may be a couple more enrolling spring quarter and they too can be counted back. Right now Nick Montana, Jesse Callier and Victor Burnett have stated their intent on enrolling spring quarter, and if they can that will really help spread the numbers out.

Then they will probably grey shirt one or two - meaning delay their enrollment - and bring them in mid-year, or winter quarter 2011. Those numbers could then be counted forward to the 2011 recruiting class.

UW Head Coach Steve Sarkisian has said he will take any really good players up to 30 if they are that hot. My guess is about 28, and they will just have to find room for them.

There are already a couple of kids who have left the program, and I would guess we will see further attrition as the year goes on. Remember that you don't have to report your numbers until a kid is officially enrolled in school and is attending classes and practices. There is always a constant ebb and flow with a college roster and you are allowed to replace kids every term should they graduate or leave due to permanent injury.

That is an area where there could be movement on the Husky roster. Should a player suffer a career ending injury, you are allowed to keep him on scholarship, but he does not count against your numbers. Of course there is a ton of paperwork and medical records required, but it is done every year at every school. I am guessing there are three or four kids who did absolutely nothing last year due to injuries. Of course they were rehabbing, but there are at least four kids who never put a pad on all year long. They could be gone.

Whatever, everyone in the recruiting office is gunned up for this weekend, and regardless of the Pete Carroll drama, the Huskies are poised to pull off one the their better recruiting classes in decades.

Looking at the kids they have committed I would guess that they are still in need of another War Daddy - or specimen - at tight end, linebacker or speed rusher, and anywhere on the back end of the defense. As I look at the roster and the depth along with this incoming group, it appears those are the three areas where another signee might really help.

There are only three weeks until signing day, which comes on Wednesday, February 3rd, and the most important thing now is to hang on to those you already have because you know someone is trying to turn them. This coming weekend starts the last two weeks of active recruiting, because it goes "dead" again starting January 30th and stays so until signing day.

If the Huskies can hold at 26 and pick up a couple needs or special kids then this will be a knockout class. If just 6-8 of them are good enough to get into the depth next fall then this could end up being the best Husky recruiting class in decades. Top Stories