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Michael Hartvigson has been committed to the University of Washington for some time, but this past weekend was the time when he took his official visit to Montlake. So what did the 6-foot-6, 237-pound athlete from Bothell think about his trip? Listening to him talk, it's doubtful it could have gone much better.

"It was awesome," Hartvigson told "It was a blast. I loved it. It was a fun overall trip. What impressed me the most was the coaching staff. They are so organized and everything. I feel great about these next few years. I think we're going to be a really good team."

Hartvigson is playing basketball right now for the Cougars, and was named to an All-Tournament team at a local tournament at BCC recently. But because of his roundball schedule, he didn't get in for his visit until really late Friday night.

"My host was Skyler Fancher," he said. "We hung out and I spent most of my time with Porterhouse (Colin Porter), Ben Riva and Erik Kohler. Their hosts were (Ryan) Tolar, (Cody) Habben and Drew Schaefer. I spent most of my time at Skyler's house. He's roommates with Nick Wood and Ronnie Fouch, but Ronnie transferred."

So were there any highlights of the visit? "I really enjoyed the basketball game (an 84-69 win over California). "That was a big win for us. Later that night, before dinner, we were in the locker rooms, and that was pretty fun. We were going through all the chants and that was sweet. It was all the commits, their hosts and the coaches. The coaches were getting me pretty into it. I had the adrenalin going.

"We went on the field and watched the highlight tape on the big screen…I was getting ready to play football again."

According to Hartvigson, the group then went to the Crab Pot on Pier 57 overlooking Elliott Bay. "I was hanging out and eating with all the o-linemen, and they were just chowing down," he said with a laugh. "I mean Porter, he's already bigger than all the o-linemen already!

"And then (Hauoli) Jamora committed. Coach Sark (Steve Sarkisian) said that they had a special announcement, and everyone started clapping. And about five minutes later, the kid from Crenshaw (Gregory Ducre) also committed."

We've confirmed Ducre's commitment to UW, and are in the process of confirming Jamora's.

Hartvigson said he spoke to Jamora a little bit during the defensive line meetings. "After the basketball game we had some meetings," he said. "I went to tight ends with coach Brent Miller. He's a really good guy. I really like him a lot. And then after that was done, I went over with the d-ends with (Nick) Holt, and I talked to (Jamora) for a while. He was a nice guy, I liked him."

After dinner, he hung out at Fancher's house and then hung out at Tolar's house before heading for bed. "I got to meet all the guys, and I hung out with Kavario Middleton last night, and he was a nice guy," Hartvigson said. "What I liked the most was how all the players are all so tight and how they love each other. They are very accepting. So I'm really excited to get going."

It was a really long day for Hartvigson, and the Huskies had given him plenty to think about when it came to his future.

"There isn't really a lot of depth at tight end, so they are telling me that's something that would work," he said. "There's a chance that I could see some time next year, so that's pretty exciting. After that I was with Holt, and they're also pretty short on the d-line. I'm probably going to try out at both positions, but I think Sark wants me at tight end the most. But Holt wants me on the defensive side of the ball."

While the coaches settle the tug of war for Hartvigson on the field, he knows what his immediate plans are. "Once basketball is over with, I'm hitting the weights hard and working hard," he said.

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