Trip Report - Zach Fogerson

After brief flirtations with other BCS programs, O'Dea FB Zach Fogerson decided to end things and firm up his commitment to the Dawgs this past May. This weekend, the talented fullback got to take his official visit to Montlake, a school where he's been a fixture since his brother, Johri, signed in February of 2008, and he said his comfort-level at Washington made things easy for him...

"I've always been comfortable at U-Dub," Fogerson said. "This weekend my host was my brother (Johri Fogerson), but honestly, they could have set me up with anyone and I would have felt comfortable because I know the guys there so well."

Fogerson said after the initial awkwardness of the first meal together, he felt the recruits and their families bonded really well.

"After that first meal, it was really like one big family," Fogerson said. "I loved hanging out with Nick (Montana) and the linemen and just everyone was really cool.

"The linebacker from Hawaii (Haouli Jamora) committed and then Gregory Ducre committed so it was pretty exciting being there and seeing their reactions too.

"It was also good for the California guys to get up here and let people like me and Ben (Riva) and the other local guys talk to them about things and the area."

Fogerson said he spoke with his position coach, Joel Thomas, and the two discussed where the talented fullback will end up.

"They said they wanted their fullbacks to be a little more athletic," Fogerson said. "They sorta compared me to a guy like Stanley Havili from USC and how they used him down there. That's how they see me being used in the system. I will get some carries and catch the ball out of the backfield, but mostly, my job will be to block and pave the way for the running backs."

Fogerson said he plans to sign at his school with teammate Ben Riva on signing day (February 3rd).

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