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Colin Porter is a 6-4.5, 315-pound offensive lineman from Bothell, Wash., and Porter knows how to live large. just bumped Porter up to the No. 7 offensive guard in the country for the class of 2010, and he the UW verbal commit took his official visit to Montlake this past weekend.

It was the Huskies' big recruiting weekend for their committed kids, so Porter hooked up with two other offensive linemen - Erik Kohler and Ben Riva - and their player-hosts for 48 hours of fun, food and fellowship.

"It was so fun," Porter told Sunday afternoon. "It was a blast, just all-around. The best part was meeting everybody, and the next-best part was the fact that we all clicked. It felt right. I'm glad that all these guys are going to be my future teammates, because all of them are really nice guys, down to earth and they like to joke around, which is what I like to do.

"Ryan Tolar was my host. Erik and Ben had Cody Habben and Drew Schaefer, so we all hung out. And Nick's host was Jake Locker, so all eight of us hung out most of the time until Jake had to go home for his sister's birthday. Nick kind of went off with other people, but there was a lot of bonding time, so it was good."

Porter, Kohler and Riva really hit it off. "We hung out pretty much the whole weekend together, the three of us and our hosts," Porter said. "We all got along. We all clicked instantly when we were in the lobby. It wasn't more than two minutes before we were all cracking jokes and laughing and everything."

After they all met up at the hotel Friday afternoon, they headed to a tradition Husky hangout - The RAM. "That was really good," Porter said. "Erik and Ben got the big, extreme Husky burger, but I decided that I was not going to push myself too hard at the beginning of the visit. They really put it down."

'Cleaning house' was a popular term for Porter, especially when it came to the mountains of food the linemen had while on their visit. After the RAM, the prospects took campus tour in golf carts. "I hadn't seen the insides of the classrooms and the buildings, so we went and saw that," said Porter. "We saw where we'll be staying in the dorms the first year. Then we went to the Frontier Room."

The Frontier Room is a hallowed space on 1st avenue, known for its barbecue. "They just kept bringing out plates and plates of different varieties of meats," Porter said. "We were really going at it. We cleaned house."

After dinner, Porter and the other young linemen spent time with their hosts, as well as fellow recruit Nick Montana and his host - Jake Locker. Jake invited them to his house, where they got to play with his celebrated Lab, Ten.

"We were watching his dog all night," Porter said with a laugh. "His dog is quite a character as well. Jake was surprising down to earth, more than I would have ever expected. He's a very humble person and doesn't talk about himself ever. I wouldn't say it was weird, but I had to pinch myself. I was in Jake Locker's house, hanging with Jake Locker.

"Nick, he's extremely down to earth. It sounded like Jake and Nick were already friends and had hung out before. It was fun to hang out with them and see how down to earth they were. I haven't had an experience with a big Division-1 quarterback and seeing how they are. I always expected them to be princesses, but he was quite the opposite. He was a very nice guy who likes to camp and fish and shoot. He's more of a country boy up there in Ferndale."

Whether it was the amount of food or the lack of sleep, Porter was feeling it Saturday morning. "I felt terrible," he said. "8 a.m was not good." But it was no time to stop, as the recruits toured the facilities, watched the Washington's men's basketball team rout California by 15, and took part in position meetings.

"Coach (Dan) Cozzetto, me, Erik and Ben got to sit in his office for a little bit and we pretty much talked about anything," Porter said. "At one point we watched highlights of Steven Jackson and his freshman year at Oregon State. Coach Cozzetto coached him at Oregon State. It was nice being able to be so comfortable with them to talk about anything.

"He said that we need to be ready to play next season because he doesn't have that many linemen. You saw what was happening last year. Mykenna (Ikehara) had to play that last Cal game at center weighing 246 pounds. You're one play away from getting in, and he's looking at us with being able to play right away."

Porter made his name playing tackle at Bothell, but he knows his future at Washington will most likely be inside. "I brought up the possibility of playing center, and he (Cozzetto) liked it," Porter said. "They'll have a center for next year, but then I'll compete as hard as I can. A while back I was thinking why can't I play tackle. I think I could, but I think I would be a lot more comfortable inside."

After the position meetings, it was one last gastronomical delight - this time at the Crab Pot down on Pier 57. "We had Skyler Fancher, Ryan Tolar, Drew Schaefer and Cody Habben, and then there was me, Erik, Ben and Michael (Hartvigson). They took huge metal bowls of seafood and put that all over the table, and that was gone in about four minutes. We finished all the crab and shrimp and then we started eating the potatoes and the little pieces of kielbasa (sausage). That was gone. Then we got a bunch of other entree stuff, because that was kind of the appetizer.

"We got something called the 'Captain's Combination Plate'. There was clams, calamari, fish and chips and french fries. There were four of those, and we shared them. We really cleaned house there too."

The group went back to Cody Habben's house, but the evening was hardly over. "Cody and Tolar were playing Madden and they had been talking about going to a movie," Porter said. "And the next movie that was showing was Avatar in 3D at 1:30 in the morning! I didn't know if I wanted to go. It was in the moment. The six of us went. I slept for about an hour and ten minutes during the movie.

"We'd been out late the night before, and we didn't get much time to rest. We were on the go the whole night last night. Me, Erik and Ben all were sleeping for a while. We woke up and watched the battle scene. I guess I was snoring pretty loud. I was ruining the movie for Erik."

Needless to say, it wasn't a deal-breaker - as Kohler still plans on signing with Washington come February 3rd.

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