Trip Report - Darius Waters spoke with Darius Waters this week, and the 6-foot-1, 227-pound athlete talked about his official visit to Washington this past weekend, as well as the challenge that lay ahead this coming fall when he tackles a new position on the field.

Demitrius Bronson was Waters' player-host. "He was just saying it's real fun," Waters said of Bronson's words of wisdom. "They (UW coaches) teach you a lot. He was telling me about the coaches and how they really work."

Waters got to his visit around noon on Friday with two other Lakes teammates that will also be matriculating to UW as part of the 2010 recruiting class. "We got something to eat and then we went around the campus," he said. "Saturday we went to the basketball game. That was real fun. It was a really good game.

"We also did academics that day. They had an academic breakfast for us. They just talked about the academics, and they had tables set up and you sit down with the people where you think your major is going to be. After that we went to dinner and then just hung out. That was about it."

Waters said that he wants to be a middle school PE teacher after football, so he talked to an advisor that will help him get the right classes to help him achieve his job goals. And even though he's been to UW many, many times during the recruiting process, he still learned something new about Washington's academic reputation. In football it helps to have strength in numbers, and Waters was impressed on how that's also the case on the upper campus.

"Just how many professors and teachers there are basically famous in some kind of way; well-known people," he said. "I knew there were a lot, but I just didn't know there were that many."

Waters has one of the more versatile football profiles of the Huskies' incoming recruits, but don't expect a tug of war between the offensive and defensive coaches. "They want me to play strong linebacker," he said, matter-of-factly. "I need to learn how to do it because I've never played it before. So they really want me to focus on the learning of the position. I'm ready for it. It's a new challenge.

"I'm trying to lose a little bit of weight and gain some muscle, but I know (UW Strength and Conditioning Coach) Ivan (Lewis) is going to have a workout plan for me and everything."

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