Commitment Impact: Michael Criste

For quite a while, it was unclear whether Mission Viejo Michael Criste was a solid commitment to the University of Washington. As we learned earlier this week, late last month he did firm things up with Husky head coach Steve Sarkisian and is now the sixth offensive line prospect in this class. Where does he end up and how does he fit into this class? Read on to find out...

Washington already had local recruits Ben Riva and Colin Porter in the fold and got commitments from big-time offensive tackles Erik Kohler and Micah Hatchie as well as Colin Tanigawa a solid center prospect out of California.

However, the depth along the Husky offensive line has been lacking for some time and the coaches never stopped looking for prospects to plug into the depth.

Mission Viejo's Michael Criste (pronounced Crist) could play inside or outside, depending on where they need him most, but initially he's been told to expect to work outside at a tackle spot where they can use his outstanding quickness and feet to their full extent.

Criste's size is perfect for the outside. He's a little over 6'5" and right now he's 280 pounds, but it sounds like the coaches plan to get him up in the 295-pound range before he sees the field.

At this point the offensive line class is the biggest, no pun intended, in recent memory with each position being accounted for.

Kohler, Hatchie and Criste all project outside while Riva and Porter are expected to play inside and Tanigawa is a smart and technically-sound player who should be a nice fit in the center depth.

The early returns tell us that Kohler and Porter appear to be the most ready to step into the depth for the Huskies, while Riva and Criste need time to put on muscle and add bulk. Tanigawa will arrive ready to go, but will be behind Ryan Tolar and Mykenna Ikehara in the pivot.

Tolar could be moved back to his more natural position at guard if Ikehara has added the needed size to be a full-time starter, but this early in the year, it's tough to say if that will happen or not.

Overall, Washington's offensive line class is one of the best in the country and certainly has the quality and quantity you're looking for. Now it's up to offensive line coach Dan Cozzetto to get the most out of his players so they can be the present and future of line moving forward. Top Stories