Dollar returns to Montlake

Perhaps the biggest storyline of tomorrow's game against Seattle University will be the return of former Husky Assistant Coach Cameron Dollar to the Bank of America Arena. Dollar, 34, left UW on April 16, 2009 to take over the vacant SU head coach spot after former Head Coach Joe Callero left to take the position at Cal Poly.

Although Husky Head Coach Lorenzo Romar said it hurt to lose him after seven years working together at UW, that is part of basketball.

"Well whenever you lose someone from your family, it's a loss," Romar said. "What you have to do is you have to fill in the gaps when we lost players and coaches in the past, we would have to fill in certain ways. You know Cameron obviously brings a high-level of intensity and tenacity and know how he is a very very smart intelligent coach as well as person. So when we lose someone with those type so of talents and gifts, obviously it's a loss."

Most recently during his time at UW, Dollar has been responsible for coaching the guards and orchestrating the defense. Having been under Romar for a number of years, the Husky head coach said the he expects his former apprentice to know more about what he is going to do tomorrow than the other way around.

"Well, we have been together long enough, he has been with me every day as a head coach for 10 years," Romar said. "He has seen me as a head coach, so he knows a little bit more what to expect with me, than I know what to expect with him. But not only was he with me, but he was also with the other coaches that are here as well. So we know each other and some of the same philosophies he also has going on with his program to do some things a little different. We know each other fairly well and I don't think there will be a whole lot of surprises out there."

Being in charge of a team was something that Romar said Dollar was meant to do, so he wasn't surprised when Dollar got his shot with the Redhawks.

"Cameron was destined to be a head coach. I knew that was going to happen sooner or later," Romar said. "Now it's not what do we do now, Cameron was going to be a head coach, he wanted to be a head coach since he was four years old.

"When he came on his visit to UCLA, as we were telling him about playing time and how we function, he asked if he could sit in on our staff meetings as coaches because he wanted to be a coach. He didn't try out for the NBA, could have gone to camp and who knows what would have happened. But he wanted to be a coach. He was a head coach at 22, something that he has always wanted to do. So this is nowhere near a surprise that he is doing what he is doing."

Although Romar and Dollar are friends off the court, he said they won't be doing each other favors tomorrow when the game tips off.

"Yeah, him and I know each other well enough to know that when we step on the floor tomorrow, were not trying to be kind to one and another," Romar said. "We're out there trying to win, and they're trying to win." Top Stories