Trip Report - James Atoe

Big James Atoe had quite a ways to go by car, and he could have taken advantage of the five hour ride back from Seattle to The Dalles, Ore. to think about his official visit to Washington and what it might mean for the 6-foot-7, 325-pound offensive lineman to potentially play in the Pac-10. But Atoe had other things on his mind.

"I was sleeping the whole way," he said with a laugh. caught up with Atoe Sunday night to see how his official visit to UW went. "It was good," he said. "Everything was nice down there. The players were friendly, coaches were friendly. We went to the (WSU) basketball game, we checked out the campus and we ate at some unique places."

Everrette Thompson was Atoe's player-host. "He (Thompson) said he liked it, and that it's pretty cool down there," said Atoe.

There was one thing Atoe picked up on while checking out the campus that stuck with him. "The professors and the coaches have a really good connection with each other," he said. "That's definitely one thing I found really interesting. They are all on the same page with each other."

Atoe got a chance to talk shop with the UW coaches, especially OL coach Dan Cozzetto and Head Coach Steve Sarkisian. The Huskies offered Atoe a scholarship. "They said that they like me and they like how I move," Atoe said. "Coach Cozzetto watched my basketball game and he said it was pretty good. He said he liked the way I ran up and down the court."

The Huskies like Atoe at tackle, with the idea of bringing him in for this coming fall, but spots for the 2010 class could end up being in short supply depending on what happens on Signing Day. "They explained everything," Atoe said, understanding that there could be a chance his enrollment would be delayed. "There's definitely some upside there. It gives me some time to get stronger and time to learn more about the game."

Overall, Atoe gave the trip a 9 out of 10. "It was definitely a 9," he said. "It was definitely fun. It was exciting."

With the UW offer on the table, what did Atoe tell the coaches? "I told them I was going to go home and talk to my parents and we're going to make a decision," he said. "I'm definitely going to sit down with my parents tomorrow. We're going to have a long talk about it."

Atoe also has an Idaho greyshirt opportunity to think about, as well as standing offers from Eastern Washington and Portland State. We'll have more from Atoe and his impending decision very soon.

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