Hoops 2/18 practice report

On a normal Tuesday the Husky men's basketball team has a long, rigorous practice in anticipation of their Thursday Pac-10 contests. This week's practice schedule has taken a different tone in an effort to get over the proverbial hump.

The Huskies have played their last four opponents close but have been unable to seal the deal in any of them. The opponents have all come from the top tier of the Pac-10. The remainder of their schedule is composed mostly of teams from the bottom half of the conference. Something had to change for the Huskies so coach Lorenzo Romar put his players through two hard practices on Monday and made Tuesday's practice a shorter, lighter affair.

After spending the normal fifteen minutes at the beginning of practice on warming up and shooting, the Huskies spent the remainder of their time running full court five on fives. Time was kept on the main scoreboard and the Huskies tried to emulate end of game situations while both leading and coming from behind. Whenever time did expire a new hypothetical game situation was created by the coaching staff.

The Huskies had been unable to finish games due to some inopportune turnovers and some bad shot selection, while their opponents have been able to knock down shots that have stunted the growth of the very young Huskies. In their simulated challenges today, the Huskies performed well and didn't force shots in last second scenarios.

Rebounding has been an up and down affair for the Huskies throughout the season and it has not gone unnoticed by the Husky coaching staff. Missed box outs are still met with sprints by the offenders. Another of the up and down affairs has been free throw shooting. To conclude practice five of the younger players on the team were sent to the free throw line to attempt to save the team from the conditioning sprints that end all practices.

Brandon Roy, Ben Devoe, Bobby Jones, Nate Robinson, and David Hudson all went to the line for two shots. The fivesome made a respectable eight of ten. Robinson and Devoe were the offenders who were only able to convert one of two shots. Making eight of ten shots meant that the baseline to baseline and back sprint had to be completed in eight seconds by eight players. That is no easy task but a good effort was made and quite a few of the Huskies did make the time.

Not quite eight of the Huskies made it but all of them made their second chance at ten seconds. Some of the Huskies thought that ten seconds wasn't a challenge and wanted another shot at the eight seconds, but that was the end of practice for the Dawgs.

After Tuesday's short one and a half hour practice at least five of the players went on to the weight room to squeeze in a second session with their strength and conditioning coach before they were due at training table.

Anthony Washington is still in a boot and is day to day. He may be able to play this weekend but is by no means expected to by the coaching staff.

Sterling Brown came by Hec-Ed today to check out what was going on with the new team and staff. Brown is still a student at the UW contrary to reports that he would transfer in search of a scholarship.

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