UW 2010 Recruiting Class: Coach's Breakdown

Washington's 2010 recruiting class is filled with 30 names of prospects from up and down the west coast as well as the Hawaiian Islands. After all of their letters had been received, head coach Steve Sarkisian met with the media to talk about his class and what it was about them that led the Huskies to be so high on them...

Oaks Christian QB Nick Montana: "Nick Montana is a bigger kid than you guys think. His official weight on his visit with us was 6'3" and 194 pounds, so he's still growing. He's a young kid that's still maturing and still growing and has all of the physical tools that we could have ever wanted in a quarterback.

"He can make all the throws in the pocket, he's got great presence in the pocket of keeping his vision and his eyes down the field, he's extremely adept at throwing when on the run and doing things out of the pocket, he's got a great feel for that. He obviously has been trained at this game so mechanically he is extremely sound. But what I love about him probably more than those things are his intangibles. He's got the leadership skills set that you love to have from your quarterback. The kids want to be around him, and that's how quarterbacks are supposed to be. And I think a lot of those things are what they say about his father and the apple probably doesn't fall very far from the tree.

"He embodies some of the same characteristics as Joe, but I'm not going to sit up here and try to compare Nick Montana to Joe Montana. Nick's going to create his own legacy. I think that's why he chose the University of Washington. He could've gone anywhere in the country but he chose to come here to create his own legacy and we're extremely proud to have him here as a part of our football program."

Warren RB Jesse Callier and Citrus Hill RB Deontae Cooper:

"I just like to brag about the fact that we signed the two leading rushers out of the state of California this year, I think that's pretty cool. They're different players. Deontae Cooper, 6 foot, 205 kid, very strong, powerful. I could easily see him being a 220 pound, 225 pound tailback. (He's a) downhill runner, powerful, very explosive.

"Jesse Callier, 5'11", 186-pound kid with versatility. He's not a straight-line guy. He can catch, he's played quarterback, he's played DB. But at the end of the day these guys combined for nearly 6,000 yards and 80 touchdowns in their senior year of high school football. They bring a different mix to the table so we're excited to have those two kids."

O'Dea FB Zach Fogerson:

"Fullback 6'1" 225. We're excited about Zack because he's hopefully adding an element of maybe something we didn't have this year and that's the athleticism from the fullback position. He can catch the ball out of the backfield, his ability to run the ball some, his versatility is big for us."

Centennial WR Kevin Smith and Oakland Tech WR DiAndre Campbell:

"Both good looking kids, both basketball players is really what they grew up doing. Kevin Smith has really only played football for a year and a half of his life. He's a 40 inch vertical type kid, fantastic looking specimen. I hate comparing guys to people but when you see Kevin Smith he looks and reminds you maybe of a young Terrell Owens. I mean he's shredded, he looks good, strong, and how he develops is going to be exciting for us.

"DiAndre Campbell out of Oakland Tech, senior year of basketball right now he's averaging 20 points a game. He's a 6'3" kid, a lot of versatility to his game, so we're keeping the length at the wide receiver position. We like the ability to jump and be a 50/50 ball catcher type guy, similar to (Jermaine) Kearse, (James) Johnson, (Devin) Aguilar, those types of guys."

Bothell TE Michael Hartvigson:

"Another basketball player and you're going to hear that theme commonly from us. We like basketball players because that shows us they have good eye-hand coordination. That tells us they have spatial awareness, they know what's going on around them, they're ability to rebound. Michael right now is 6'3" 235, with the frame that in a blink this guy's 250, 260 tight end that has the nastiness to block, he also was a defensive end in high school so we're excited about him."

Offensive Line: "On the offensive line it's kind of like ‘where's the beef' with these guys. They're big. The smallest of them, Colin Tanigawa at 6'3" 280 is a nasty, tough kid, plays hard-nosed, out of a great high school in Los Angeles that we project to be an inside guy. The rest of these guys- (James) Atoe, (Michael) Criste, (Micah) Hatchie, (Erik) Kohler, (Colin) Porter, (Ben) Riva, all could project to be tackles. That's how you like to start, because if they don't work at tackle then you can always move them inside instead of moving an inside guy, it's hard to back out.

"We're excited about all these guys, they're physical, they're athletic, they fit to what we want to do and we've talked about for months now- we've got to be able to run the football and be a physical program and this is where it starts. This was a huge point of emphasis for us in this class because of the simple fact that we didn't sign any guys last year on O-line, it was too late in the game we didn't feel like we could get the quality player last year. So to come in this year and be able to sign seven of these guys is huge for us on the offensive line."

Lakes DT Sione Potoae: "Sione Potoa'e is a fantastic football player. At 6'3" 285 a kid that was a hard fought battle to keep in state, one of the top players in the state of Washington that was recruited by everybody in the country. I think is a guy that could have that instant-impact factor."

Aiea DT Lawrence Lagafuaina: "Lawrence Lagafuaina, a kid who's really a 6' 315 pound nose tackle, that if you can believe this ran 4-8 at our camp this year. This guy has the speed and quickness for a big man to have a huge impact on the defensive line."

Kahuku DE Haouli Jamora: "A kid who not only can rush the passer but does a great job defending the run. He's physical, we're excited about him."

Redlands East Valley DE Andrew Hudson: "He's potentially a state wrestling champ in the state of California this year, he's got great hands, he's got great leverage which enables him to be a force against the run and he has the ability and the passion to rush the passer which is great."

Taft DE/LB Brent Williams: "I know his weight has been thrown around about what it might be. On his official visit he was 6'2" and some change, 205 pounds, so he's getting to where he needs to get to…17 sacks his junior year…he's a fantastic talent."


"I think this group is really spearheaded by Victor Burnett out of Culver City High School, a kid who's going to be an early enrollee here in spring with us. Fantastic player, student body president, very bright young man, but also will hit you every chance he gets."

"Princeton Fuimaono is a kid, another guy you look at on film and he can fly around, he's athletic, really nice outside-linebacker looking type guy."

"Garret Gilliland out of Orange Lutheran High School in Orange County, another outside linebacker type. Athletic, 2-time defensive player of the year in his league, just a great player, a guy who's very bright and very smart and that's a common theme that we need from our linebackers. We need guys that understand the game of football and have a really high football IQ."

"A late addition to our class, a guy that we're really excited about is a local product out of Skyline High School who obviously has a lot of ties to the Huskies, Cooper Pelluer. He's a kid that we've had earmarked for over a year now and it was just a matter of time until our numbers worked the way we want but Cooper's a perfect linebacker, amongst the Mason Foster mold. He's a guy that has the versatility to cover the tight end, to play on the tight end, man-to-man, still rush the passer, do things on special teams right away."

"Darius Waters and Chris Young, both local products, physical players, put your face on you, that are going to have an impact on the field and their presence will be felt when they get out there."

Defensive Backs:

"The one corner in our class is a kid by the name of Greg Ducre, from Crenshaw High School, another winning program that is big for us to get a player out of there. This kid is a lock-down shut-down corner, big-time track guy, he's going to fit extremely well for us."

Narbonne S Sean Parker: "We got a big splash today with the announcement of Sean Parker, a kid that for us, in today's game, the safety better be able to play middle third, he better be able to come down and fit up in the run game, he better be able to pressure and blitz the quarterback, he better be able to play man-to-man coverage against all the red-zone stuff that we see. This guy fits the bill and that's why he's so special. I think you guys will come to see that as we move forward."

Lakes S Jamaal Kearse: "Loving Jamaal Kearse. We've obviously seen what his brother Jermaine's done for us. Jamaal's a big kid, 6'2" 215 right now, I'm anxious to watch to see how he grows. He's got a great frame on him, a great presence."

Mililani S Taz Stevenson: "Another kid of the mold of a Sean Parker, a guy that can play man to man coverage but still hit you when he gets the chance."

Jordan S John Timu: "He is a kid that unfortunately blew out his ACL in the second game of the year so he'll be grayshirted and be here next January for us, but a fantastic athlete and if you go around to the high school coaches in Southern California, he's one of the first names coaches want to bring up to talk to us about because he's been that dynamic on the field."

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