Sherrer is UW's 'Human Victory Cigar'

One year ago, he was chanting at opponents, cheering 3-pointers, and booing referees along with the rest of the student section. This year, he's on the court, knowing that in the case of a blowout, he'll take the stage with the chance to prove himself. Needless to say, Husky Basketball game days have changed for walk-on Brendan Sherrer, and no one wants to see him succeed more than his teammates.

After scoring for the first time in Washington's 123-76 defeat over Seattle University, and again in the final seconds of a blowout against Washington State, the sophomore walk-on from Monroe has become the Huskies' celebratory 'Human Victory Cigar'.

At least that's what one member of the Seattle media referred to Sherrer as at last week's press conference. His teammates heaped on the praises and shared their quest for the perfect nickname for the newest member of their squad.

"That's a great nickname," senior Quincy Pondexter chuckled. "We've been wondering what nickname to call him we had some good ones, we had some inappropriate ones, but I think that one's probably best. When he's out there you know it's over either way, it's a bad loss or it's a good win, but when he's at home it really ignites the crowd."

Despite nearly half the arena leaving before his entrance into the Seattle game whose outcome had already been decided early on, Sherrer's first-ever bucket sent the crowd into a frenzy, especially from the bench and the Dawg Pack. You'd have thought he just hit a buzzer beater against Kansas. The cult of Sherrer is growing, with Pondexter as the self-proclaimed leader.

"I'm his biggest fan, so if anyone wants to compare to that I don't think they can because I cheer for him, I watch for his highlights on Sportscenter every night," Pondexter said. "He shares a locker next to mine and you know every time he gets in the game it's just a joy to me because he is a great person.

"He is a great story. For him to have a chance to go from the Dawg Pack to being on the court is a dream come true to him and it's just so much fun to watch him out there on the court and getting buckets, it's pretty cool."

Pondexter isn't the only teammate to cheer on Sherrer, or marvel at his transition from dedicated fan to motivating teammate. Sophomore guard Isaiah Thomas disagreed with the nickname 'Human Victory Cigar' and said he'll think of a better one to suit Sherrer.

"He's a great teammate. He doesn't have all the talent in the world, but he brings it every day," Thomas said. "He works the hardest on the team and he's just out there trying to make guys better, especially our bigs. He brings it every day, and that's a guy you need on your team. You need people like that."

"I get really excited when he gets to play," junior Justin Holiday said. "If I'm in the game I try to get him the ball so he can score, you see how loud that crowd got after some people left, and he scored, so it's just really exciting for us to have everybody on that team contribute and play in the game and not just sit on the bench."

As long as the Huskies continue to dominate opponents, Brendan Sherrer will continue to be a much-anticipated and wildly-welcomed presence in the final minutes of Husky basketball victories. Top Stories