Dawgman.com Signing Day Survey

Now that Signing Day is over and we all have had some time to digest all the information on Washington's 30 signees, what does it all mean for the future of UW football? Who is the best recruit? Who comes in with the biggest expectations? Who could be the ultimate sleeper of this class?

Dawgman.com put together a panel of nine people that have been following the recruiting process and answered a general survey about the class.

Here is the panel:
    Dick Baird - Former Recruiting Coordinator, University of Washington
    Jeff 'SweetLou' Carr - Recruiting Analyst Emeritus, Dawgman.com
    Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor, Dawgman.com
    Chris Fetters - Editor-in-Chief, Dawgman.com
    Kim Grinolds - Managing Partner, Dawgman.com
    Brandon Huffman - West Recruiting Analyst, Scout.com
    Joe Kaiser - Intern Emeritus/All-Around Good Guy, Dawgman.com
    Dave Samek - Publisher, Sports Washington Magazine
    Rick Samek - Writer, Dawgman.com
    Jake Worthen - Publisher, EvergreenStatePreps.com

Now onto the survey!

1) Who is the best player in UW's 2010 class?

    BAIRD: Sean Parker.

    CARR: Sione Potoae.

    EKLUND: Sean Parker. One of the top safeties in the country and is a playmaker/big-time hitter vs. both the pass and the run.

    FETTERS: Sean Parker.

    GRINOLDS: Sean Parker. UW gets a playmaker in the secondary to join Desmond Trufant.

    HUFFMAN: Sione Potoae.

    KAISER: Kevin Smith, WR - Smith is strong, physical, athletic and fast. He's going to be the big-target Montana looks to over and over again.

    D. SAMEK: Erik Kohler. Will have the biggest impact over his years at the UW at the second-most important position on the field.

    WORTHEN: On the field right now - Sean Parker. By the time they leave - Sione Potoae.
DT | 6-3 / 285
Lakes (WA)
Pos Rank: 4
Committed to: WASHINGTON
Commit Date: 12/14/09
Committed Over: Arizona State, California, Oregon, UCLA, USC, Washington State
Scouting Report: Potoae is the top defensive tackle prospect in the Northwest. Cat-quick off the ball, with good size. Quick first step, he could even be a big defensive end. Needs to refine his technique, but that will come in college. Otherwise, is one of the few college ready tackles in the country. - Brandon Huffman, Scout.com

2) Which player comes in with the highest expectations placed on them?

    BAIRD: Nick Montana and Sean Parker.

    CARR: Sean Parker.

    EKLUND: Sione Potoae. We on the Dawgman staff, as well as the rest of the scouting/recruiting gurus have been saying for a while he'll be one of the first freshmen to play and it's at a position that needs some big-play abilities.

    FETTERS: Nick Montana. Not because of an immediate impact, but because of the expected, but unfair, expectations for him to be what his Dad was at the position.

    GRINOLDS: Nick Montana. How could the expectations not be high with those bloodlines? He may live up to them.

    HUFFMAN: Sean Parker.

    KAISER: Nick Montana, QB - Take one look at his last name. He knows a thing or two about expectations... in other news, hey look John Candy is in the stands?

    D. SAMEK: Nick Montana. Just because of the last name people are gonna expect the world from this young man.

    WORTHEN: Sean Parker. With his signing day announcement and national coverage he will be as big of a household name as any in-state recruit. He also comes in at a big position of need for the Huskies.
QB | 6-1 / 185
Oaks Christian (CA)
Scout300: 300
Pos Rank: 19
Committed to: WASHINGTON
Commit Date: 6/9/09
Committed Over: Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Stanford
Scouting Report: Montana is about 6-1, 180, so he needs to add some more weight. His arm strength is solid. He's got good touch on his throws, and he managed the offense well. Throws a nice deep ball. Has good bloodlines too. --Brandon Huffman, Scout.com

3) Who is the one player in the class that is the MVP in terms of fitting an immediate need?

    BAIRD: I like Andrew Hudson to make an immediate impact as a defensive end.

    CARR: Sean Parker.

    EKLUND: Sean Parker. Only one sure-thing at safety right now and that's Nate Williams.

    FETTERS: Sean Parker. Clear need at safety, but Victor Burnett is a close second to me. Should give Tim Tucker all he wants to earn the starting MIK spot.

    GRINOLDS: Sean Parker. Again, a playmaker who will need to be game planned for. It's been a while.

    HUFFMAN: Sean Parker.

    KAISER: Sean Parker. When is the last time the Huskies secondary was looked at as a strength? With Parker in the fold, along with Justin Glenn, Desmond Trufant and Adam Long, Husky fans can actually begin thinking that way.

    D. SAMEK: Sean Parker. With the injury to Justin Glenn and the thin depth, Parker was a terrific surprise and fills an immediate need.

    WORTHEN: Sean Parker. I can see him slotting into a starting role this season. I think he competes with Nate Fellner, Greg Walker and Justin Glenn right away.
S | 6-11 / 200
Narbonne (CA)
Pos Rank: 6
Committed to: WASHINGTON
Commit Date: 2/3/10
Committed Over: Arizona State, California, Michigan, Notre Dame, Tennessee, USC
Scouting Report: Physical, punishing hitter, who's better in space than he is in coverage. With corner size, has safety mentality.

4) What is the number of 2010 signees that will play in 2010? If you want to give names, all the better.

    BAIRD: I say ten will play.

    CARR: Around ten different signees will play.

    EKLUND: Ten. Sione Potoae, Sean Parker, Erik Kohler, Colin Porter, Jesse Callier, Deontae Cooper, Kevin Smith, Victor Burnett, Princeton Fuimaono and Garrett Gilliland or Chris Young -- if he qualifies on time.

    FETTERS: Fifteen. Sean Parker, Lawrence Lagafuaina, Sione Potoae, Kevin Smith, Victor Burnett, Andrew Hudson, Taz Stevenson, Jessie Callier, Deontae Cooper, Erik Kohler, Princeton Fuimaono, Michael Hartvigson, Colin Porter, Darius Waters and Chris Young.

    GRINOLDS: Sean Parker, Deontae Cooper, Kevin Smith, Sione Potoae, Gregory Ducre, Zach Fogerson

    HUFFMAN: Sean Parker, Sione Potoae, Kevin Smith, Chris Young.

    KAISER: Eleven. Sean Parker, Hauoli Jamora, Sione Potoae, Micah Hatchie, Victor Burnett, Kevin Smith, Andrew Hudson, Erik Kohler, Deontae Cooper, Colin Porter, Chris Young.
    D. SAMEK: I believe six will play in 2010: Deontae Cooper, Kevin Smith, Erik Kohler, Chris Young, Sione Potoae, Gregory Ducre.

    WORTHEN: 15 play/13 redshirt/2 greyshirt. I think some will see time in the two-deeps. A couple will play just on special teams. Playing time at positions: Sione Potoae, Sean Parker, Michael Hartvigson, Hauoli Jamora, Lawrence Lagafuaina, Gregory Ducre, Kevin Smith, Victor Burnett, Andrew Hudson, Deontae Cooper, Erik Kohler, Brent Williams. On special teams: Chris Young, Taz Stevenson, Jesse Callier.

5) What is the number of players that will greyshirt in 2010? Names, if you'd like, other than Timu (injury).

    BAIRD: 18 will redshirt and 2 will greyshirt.

    CARR: James Atoe.

    EKLUND: Most likely Chris Young (grades) and possibly James Atoe or Cooper Pelluer because of numbers.

    FETTERS: Two. James Atoe and Cooper Pelluer.

    GRINOLDS: Chris Young.

    HUFFMAN: James Atoe and DiAndre Campbell

    KAISER: None other than Timu.

    D. SAMEK: Two.

    WORTHEN: James Atoe could use the extra time to shape his frame.

6) Who is the one player above all others that you would want to see redshirt, besides Nick Montana?

    BAIRD: James Atoe and Brent Williams.

    CARR: Andrew Hudson, because he needs to put on weight and it would mean that the youngsters like Talia Crichton and Andru Pulu stepped up and veterans like Kalani Aldrich and Everrette Thompson performed as they should.

    EKLUND: Micah Hatchie.

    FETTERS: Micah Hatchie. Give him two years in the weight room and he'll be more than ready.

    GRINOLDS: The entire OL and DL. Brent Williams, if I have to name just one.

    HUFFMAN: Brent Williams.

    KAISER: Brent Williams. Cat-like quicks at DE, but needs to add 50 pounds. Won't be ready as a frosh.

    D. SAMEK: Colin Porter - future four-year starter if he can get a redshirt.

    WORTHEN: The entire OL class. I think we will see one, maybe two, forced onto the field early but I would like to see all of them get a year to hit the weights.

7) Who is the one player that you're excited to see play, above all others?

    BAIRD: I want to see the two running backs (Deontae Cooper, Jesse Callier) and Kevin Smith

    CARR: Kevin Smith. The kid has an NFL body already, just needs some seasoning.

    EKLUND: Kevin Smith. When I watch his film and see his size and strength...you can't help but be excited by a playmaker at wideout with his upside.

    FETTERS: Chris Young. That means he'll have made it.

    GRINOLDS: Kevin Smith.

    HUFFMAN: Kevin Smith.

    KAISER: Sean Parker. It's been far too long since the Huskies have had a badass safety (save for C.J. Wallace).

    D. SAMEK: Sean Parker.

    WORTHEN: Chris Young. Absolutely loved seeing him play at Auburn. He might not be the best player in this class but I think he has the personality and mean streak that has been missing from Husky defenses in recent years.
OLB | 6-1 / 215
Auburn Senior (WA)
Scout300: 280
Pos Rank: 24
Committed to: WASHINGTON
Commit Date: 3/13/09
Committed Over: Colorado, Oregon State, Washington State
Scouting Report: The hardest hitter in the West, loves to bring the lumber. Is tough, strong and has excellent instincts. - Brandon Huffman, Scout.com

8) Who, besides Sarkisian, is your recruiting MVP on this coaching staff?

    BAIRD: Demetrice Martin, Johnny Nansen, Jared Blank and Matt Peterson

    CARR: Demitrice Martin, for his work in reconnecting UW to LA.

    EKLUND: Tough choice, but I will take Johnny Nansen by a hair over Demetrice Martin . Both have worked wonders in L.A., but Nansen has also been tasked with getting Washington back into Hawaii and he's done that in spades.

    FETTERS: Very tough choice, but I'll echo Eklund's thoughts. Martin has been immense, as well as Dan Cozzetto, for that matter - but Nansen has done it on multiple fronts.

    GRINOLDS: Demetrice Martin.

    HUFFMAN: Demetrice Martin.

    KAISER: Johnny Nansen for his impact on the islands!

    D. SAMEK: Johnny Nansen. He is returning us to Cali and the islands.

    WORTHEN: Johnny Nansen. His impact on Hawaii has been huge. UW needs to pull quality talent from the islands on a yearly basis.

9) What positions were best addressed in terms of need?

    BAIRD: The most important position need was quarterback, with Nick Montana

    CARR: The depth in the offensive line.

    EKLUND: Offensive line, defensive line and linebacker. Lots of bodies and a lot of talent as well.

    FETTERS: Both lines, linebacker and running back.

    GRINOLDS: Beef. They did an outstanding job on both sides of the line. Running back wasn't bad either.

    HUFFMAN: Both the trenches.

    KAISER: Offensive Line. I can't stop smiling at the thought of seven schollies given to O-Linemen. That's been needed for many, many years, and the guys coming in look to be very solid.

    D. SAMEK: OL, DL. And those were the two biggest needs.

    WORTHEN: Offensive Line/Safety. Adding 7 OL will finally give UW the depth it needs in the trenches. The addition of three 4-star players also upgrades the talent level. The last solid safety tandem I can remember was Dashon Goldson and C.J. Wallace. Since then, the position has been a human turnstile. I think Sean Parker, John Timu, Taz Stevenson and Jamaal Kearse gives UW depth and instant impact at that position.

10) Who wins the Nathan Fellner award this year? (possible greyshirt to starter) - in other words, who comes out of nowhere to surprise everyone this fall?

    BAIRD: It goes to Chris Young when he gets into school.

    CARR: Cooper Pelluer. The kid is a grinder and I won't be suprised if he starts out stellar on special teams and then as the season goes on seeing his role as a TE or SAM 'backer increase.

    EKLUND: Taz Stevenson. Will likely end up redshirting, but could be a factor at receiver or safety, depending on where they need him most.

    FETTERS: Princeton Fuimaono. I just have a feeling he's going to come in ready to play.

    GRINOLDS: Gregory Ducre.

    HUFFMAN: Jesse Callier.

    KAISER: Not sure if this is a big enough stretch, but I'll go with Andrew Hudson. Anyone who can pass the rusher will get plenty of snaps on this team, and all indications are that Hudson is capable of doing that quite well.

    D. SAMEK: Kevin Smith.

    WORTHEN: Tough call. I don't think any player will have that kind of climb this year. Fellner's ascent required a mass amount of injuries at a position. So I'll say Jesse Callier. I think one of the freshmen will have a big impact on special teams. I don't see Callier getting carries this season, but I think he could be a big addition in the return game. If Kavario Middleton or Chris Izbicki should go down, then Michael Hartvigson could see a ton of time.

    RICK SAMEK: I will rightly defer these sorts of questions to those "in the know", which is pretty much everyone else that appears in this article. I haven't seen much film, so I really have only a couple of opinions to dispense on the entire class at hand.

    To start, the best player in the recruiting class is easily Jake Locker. I think the announcement of his return helped start the ball rolling – and like Coach Sarkisian said, it was like getting a 10-star recruit.

    Secondly, I love it that seven offensive linemen are in the fold. Sean Parker is unquestionably the gem of the class and adds immediate firepower to the defensive backfield, but this is what I liked best about the group as a whole. With only five starting spots, it's inevitable that they all won't work out. However, looking at who is returning, and what might be out there in the next couple of years, they realistically can have just three of them make it to the plate – and four would add gravy – and consider the group a raging success. You build from the lines, and getting seven is a great foundation for Nick Montana to start with. Plus it's great to be back so prominently in Hawai'i.

    And I thought I felt a bit of USC-like recruiting when getting the running back tandem of Deontae Cooper and Jesse Callier. Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside. Yeah, they might not be five-star in the Lemming mold, but you can't ignore their combined 5900 yards and 77 touchdowns produced last season.

    If I had to hazard, I would guess that Victor Burnett will be heard from early. The guy had 94 tackles in only eight games his senior season. It looks as if they like the kind of linebackers made the Mason Foster mold, and he certainly fits the bill.

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